Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Reviews

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Reviews

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LifeStraw is a hand held personal water purification system that actually manages to remove 99.99% of the waterborne bacteria in lake, streams, rivers, etc. These tiny, portable water filters have been making the rounds from Blog to Blog now. Helping to make personal consumption of natural bodies of water overwhelmingly safe than without the straw. In an emergency situation of survival prospective, it is quite perceptible how one of this could be a life saver. Originally LifeStraw designed to provide easy access to clean drinking water for a people in Third World countries.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Reviews

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Reviews

LifeStraw was designed in Switzerland by Vestergaard Frandsen for humanitarian projects in the harsh condition of Africa.


The LifeStraw packaging is relatively primary. All instructions are given, but it is very instinctive to use. So instructions are not needed any way.


Weight of LifeStraw is 76.54 grams, which is lightest water treatment method. It is lighter than an average neck knife. There is no issue carrying them all day long. LifeStraw is provided with its neck cord, which is very good for caparison.


While the LifeStraw does filter out 99.99% of bacteria and waterborne protozoan cysts. It effectively strains out bacteria and protozoa, including Cryptosporidium, through its hollow fiber membrane.. The LifeStraw would not filter minerals, viruses or chemicals, so while it are safe to drink running water in rivers, brooks and creeks.It is not safe to use LifeStraw downstream from an industrial plant or in a pool of water in third world country. It is not safe to use the LiseStraw to drink ocean or seawater because it does not filter out minerals. A LifeStraw cannot remove salt from water and as such you should never use it to drink seawater in survival situation, not even drink little because the salty water will dehydrate you.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – Design

The top of the LifeStraw has a plastic mouth piece for comfort. It is rigid plastic and not one of those rubber ones that inevitably gets chewed up after a couple of weeks of use. The LifeStraw boasts being chemical free. Which is always been my biggest gripe with alternatives like tabs and boiling water.The LifeStraw filter is reported to last around 1000 liters, for the same price the Sawyer Mini is also available, which lasts liters. But 1000 litter is enough for users who would need it from time to time in case of emergencies. LifeStraw is very intuitive to use. It’s essentially straw with two caps, uncover caps, stick in water, and drink easy as pie. The filer can handle filtering up to 2 microns. This is very tiny.

Treatment Capacity

The main disadvantage of this LifeStraw Filter is that you cannot treat water with it and then transfer water to another container. So can’t use it to treat water for cooking, for groups, or for situations like climbing where you want to bring clean water with you and leave the filter with your lightweight tool. If you are backpacking and need to bring water with you, you will need to carry a bottle of dry water with you and drink through the Straw whenever you need it.

Time before drinking

Since this is a filter straw, drinking through it is almost immediate. It does not require pushing or an incubation period like comical treatment do. LifeStraw is more difficult to drink through than the Sawyer Mini.

How to use Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

First of all you need to uncap the LifeStraw and hold it in upright in the water for a minute. Evidently this allows the water to seep up filter membrane and initiate the flow of water. You have to suck hard to get water up to the Straw. When LifeStraw is completely empty, it takes a few sips to get water through it. After that it is very easy to ship water through. If you stop sipping water, blow back into it and that will clear the filter and, it easy to sip up water again. When you are finished drinking, blow out air through mouth into it again to clear out water in the membrane. If there is water left in the filter during the freezing point, it might expand and harm the filter. With the LifeStraw you can drink directly from a water source like stream, mud puddle, lake, etc. but keep in mind that the ground might be mushy. A more practical way of taking a drink is filling your water bottle up in the creek, and then putting the LifeStraw into the bottle and drink the water. When the bottle is not there with you, you will find some difficulties like you have to get low enough to use LifeStraw.

The one problem no LifeStraw review mention, analyzed the product based on the fact that once you walk away from the natural origin of water, you have no water period. Someone argued that the LifeStraw lacking built in water container like the Sawyer Water Bottle filtration system was a serious design flow. LifeStraw does have another to the Sawyer Water Bottle, called the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle.

Some places where you can find brooks and streams easily. Go out of your way to look for bodies of water, in such a situation one had much prefer having a tiny, more compact and utilitarian design. If there is a water bottle with LifeStraw,it would be harder and more annoying to carry.

You will pick one place near a source of water, so you will always know where the water is. So in that situation LifeStraw is very useful.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – Uses

Given its light weight and compact size, the LifeStraw is perfect for the bug out beg. Not only have that for prepping purposed. LifeStraw is back up water filter if water coming out of the tap of your home.

A LifeStraw is also good inclusion to your travel kit. It is easy to pack and lightweight. There is questionable water in many foreign countries, using the LifeStraw may avert sickness or distress when bottled water is not available.

LifeStraw filter works well for short backpacking trips or emergency water treatment, but is not the most perfect method for extended period in the back country or for treating water for more than one person. This seems like more of originality treatment than anything else and is amusing to have along to drink out of pool.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – Value

For around $20, the value of LifeStraw filter is hard to beat, as most filters cost around $100. However, the very alike Sawyer Mini manages to do this. It cost only $5 more, last far longer, is smaller and lighter and more adaptable.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – Conclusion

The LifeStraw water purification system is very amazing kit. From an impersonal point of view, LifeStraw does its job very well. From a personal point of view, the water filtration system leaves the H2O testing great, with no chemical and stony taste.

The LifeStraw is an economic insurance policy when you are travelling through locals with less sinewy infrastructure. LifeStraw is a unique product with a preferably specialized use. Though LifeStraw is inexpensive and lightweight, it would not treat large quantities of water. But in hiking, camping and enduring survival condition until you are saved, the LifeStraw is valuable tool.

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