UK-Friendly EDC Folding Lansky World Legal Knife Review

UK-Friendly EDC Folding Lansky World Legal Knife Review

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The Lansky World Legal is a very interesting knife.  The Lansky World Legal is actually one of the chunkier knives I have handled.  It comes in at around 6 ounces.  Closed, it’s only 4 inches long. Due to its width though, it’s hard to estimate the actual size of this knife. The scales are made of nylon, and look almost like G-10 with their contoured edges and molded texture.

Lansky World Legal Knife ReviewLansky World Legal Knife Review

The width of the Lansky World Legal transmits over to every facet of the knife, including its oversized blade stock, oversized pummel/glass breaker/ and huge slab of steel on the butt.

The interesting thing about this knife though isn’t its capability to bypass laws (because it does), but rather how Mikkel Willumsen came to implement the slip joint when he designed it. The slip joint itself is amazingly strong. There is no way you are opening it with one hand.

Lansky World Legal Knife – Blade

Speaking of the blade, its grinds are very subtle, but distinct enough that it doesn’t really fall under any categories. The steel used is 9Cr13MoV. A great steel (relative to price), but I have noted that some sellers list it as 440C and other reviews mention that to. I assume that initially it was 440C and later transitioned to 9Cr13MoV. Irrespective of the steel you get, they will both deliver comparable performance with a slight push towards 9Cr13MoV in edge retention. Then again, heat treat is more revealing when comparing those two steels.

Remarkably, the blade has a beautiful satin hand-rubbed finish on the flats and a stonewash on the grinds. Looks amazing, and the price is incredible. Makes you question the value of higher priced knives.

Lansky does provide a thumbnail nick in the World Legal. It’s very well designed and very big.  I just use one hand to pinch the blade and pull, while the other holds the knife. The pure strength of the slip joint mechanism could cause you to lose your fingernail.

Lansky World Legal Knife – Clip

The clip on the is Lansky World Legal is close to perfect. Not understated in terms of placement, but visually, it’s both minimal and sharp looking. Four-way possibility (left, right, and tip up/down), all using 1 flat-head screw. Simplicity at its best. I also like the fact that Lansky chose to use standard Allen screw heads for all the other screws (3). It’s cool to handle a budget knife that doesn’t feature a torx size 6 screw head. Cheaper knives usually use cheaper screws and yet manufacturers persist in using T6 torx.

As for the non-locking lock, if it fails, you may want to say goodbye to your fingers. There is a mid-stop and I don’t worry about the slip joint ever. It makes sense on a non-locking knife.

In terms of ergonomics, they are exceptional. This is one of those knives designed to be quite perfect. I find it reasonably comfortable. This is a knife designed to be held.

When it comes to ergonomic designs like the Lansky World Legal, they are fashioned to satisfy the average hand, but by doing so, the feel is just “not quite right” for most people, but I personally like it. With all that said, saber grip is comfy, the blade has an aggressive tip, and in terms of slashing, it’s a great choice.

Is the Lansky World Legal a tactical knife?

On paper, it’s a folder with 2.75 inches of blade and no lock. So, it’s naturally a bad idea for a defensive choice. Deployment speed is awfully slow, as well as the risk of losing your digits, the lack of penetration, and finally the lack of reach. For a defensive option, I much prefer smaller knives.

Lansky World Legal Knife – Conclusion

Having lots of steel, balance may be an issue, but honestly, this is actually a decently balanced knife!  Certainly feasible for EDC use.

Overall, I find the World Legal to be quite appealing.  The Lansky World Legal Knife is just cool.

This knife presents great value for money, great fit and finish, and a unique sense of style. It’s a bargain no matter how you look at it.

If you live in the UK or any other restrictive country, then it’s a no-brainer. If you live in the States, I’d personally grab one up anyway.

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