What’s The Best Tactical Tomahawk In 2019?

What’s The Best Tactical Tomahawk In 2019?

In this article, we’re resolved to help you locate the best tactical tomahawk accessible in 2017. Our tomahawk/hatchet audits make is anything but difficult to locate the correct one for you.

Tactical tomahawks are flexible and an awesome contrasting option to axes, fundamentally due to their lightweight development. They are a valuable device when outdoors or in survival circumstances. Whether you have to cleave wood, chase, save somebody from a vehicle or even guard yourself, a tomahawk is incredible in an assortment of circumstances.

Consider what you’ll be utilizing strategic tomahawk for, before you begin searching for it. There are diverse classes of tomahawk, including survival and breaking, so it’s essential to pick an alternative that matches your necessities.


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Wallet Score

Our Rating

SOG Specialty F06P-N FastHawk (our top pick) $$$


SOG Specialty HDN-F01 $$


Browning Shock N’ Awe $$$$


MTech USA MT-AXE8 15-Inch $


Colt X-1 Tactical Tomahawk $$


American LaGana Vietnam – VTAC $$$$


UZI UZK-AXE-2 Masada w/7-Inch Blade $$$


Considerations Before Buying

It’s crucial to pick an item you can depend on. The most reduced quality tomahawks are worked with frail handles and cutting edges, and regularly don’t have the development quality to withstand overwhelming use.

Things being what they are, what would it be a good idea for you to search for in a tomahawk? Tomahawks run in size as indicated by the length of the handle. A more drawn out handle is heavier, yet can give more influence to expanded effect powers. Little handles are lighter can at present manage generally circumstances.

Another thought is the bleeding edge. Longer edges are the best decision on the off chance that you require most extreme compel –, for example, for separating entryways. Numerous bigger tomahawks have removed segments to diminish the heaviness of a long edge. Shorter edges are lighter and more reduced however may not be reasonable for the hardest assignments. In case you’re not certain what you require a tomahawk for, or in case you’re searching for an adaptable choice, a shorter and littler item is most likely the correct decision.

Picking the best strategic tomahawk can be troublesome – particularly as there are such scopes of choices accessible. To make picking as simple as could be expected under the circumstances, we’ve audited the main three items underneath. Each of these has gotten high appraisals from purchasers and gives brilliant esteem.

Our Top Tactical Tomahawk Reviews

  1. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F01TN-CP

The F01TN-CP is a flexible tomahawk with a 2.75-inch sharp edge, polymer handle and nylon sheath. It gives extraordinary execution considering the low cost.

You don’t need to stress over its strength because the cutting edge of the F01TN-CP is produced using overwhelming obligation steel that meets military-review necessities. The hatchet additionally has an adjusted handle that makes it agreeable to hold. In the event that you require an item that gives awesome all-round execution, the F01TN-CP is unquestionably a choice to consider.

Proprietors have utilized it for cutting trees, tossing, and other high-affect assignments. Regardless of the substantial utilize, most proprietors haven’t saw any development of the cutting edge. Other positive remarks incorporate that it has a light handle, brilliant adjust and is an extraordinary decision for outdoors.

One drawback to the F01TN-CP is that the handle can get to be distinctly elusive when wet. It is still conceivable to hold it safely; however it doesn’t give the additional grasp of more costly items. This can be unraveled by wrapping the handle in hold tape however, so isn’t a noteworthy issue.

  1. Browning Black Label Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk

The Shock N’ Awe is intended to give the quality you require in the hardest circumstances. It highlights a dark covered stainless steel edge, spiked knob wrapped handle and smooth outline. The Shock N’ Awe likewise accompanies an entrance spike for additional utility.

Purchasers have been inspired with the Browning Black Label Shock N’ Awe. A decent number of people love that its quality and solidness.

Other positive reports incorporate that it packs a punch in spite of its little size, and that the edge and spike are both sharp.

The Shock N’ Awe is a generally little tomahawk when contrasted with different alternatives. On the off chance that you need a minimized model for outdoors or ordinary errands then it’s an extraordinary alternative – particularly as the solid cutting edge means it’s not as light as it looks. On the off chance that you have to hack wood, in any case, then it may not be the best decision.

  1. Colt X-1 Tactical Tomahawk

The Colt X-1 is a genuine tomahawk that is intended to be extreme and dependable – with the base of object. It highlights a three-inch forefront, and an infiltration spike. The sharp edge is produced using carbon steel and is covered with dark rust-confirmation material. It’s a moderate alternative that is an immaculate decision for anybody on a tight spending plan.

It’s an extraordinary choice that exceeds expectations at self-preservation and outdoors. This is because of its lightweight and conservative development. It’s a sturdy model that slices through extreme things effortlessly.

The Colt X-1 is a spending model, so you shouldn’t expect the execution of items costing several dollars.

Regardless of this, the solid sharp edge and handle give fantastic esteem. For “typical” utilize, the Colt X-1 is more than equipped for taking care of any undertaking.

Overview on Why Our Picks

Tactical tomahawks are a standout amongst the most flexible apparatuses. They are incredible for assignments, for example, part and cleaving, making them valuable for outdoors trips. The light weight of tomahawks likewise makes them more suited to self-preservation and tossing than a normal hatchet.

The best tomahawk relies on upon your prerequisites. A tomahawk worked for tossing will have diverse favorable circumstances and elements to one made for survival, so it’s vital to pick one that matches your requirements. Different variables incorporate the heaviness of the tomahawk, front line length and size of the handle.

In case you’re attempting to choose which strategic tomahawk to pick, we prescribe the SOG Specialty Knives and Tools F01TN-CP. It’s a solid tomahawk that is worked with a polymer handle and steel cutting edge – and it additionally looks extraordinary. The F01TN-CP has been profoundly evaluated by purchasers, so you can make sure that it’s strong and simple to utilize.

History Of Tactical Tomahawk

It has it’s begin with the First Nations individuals of the United States and Canada. It was initially made by the Algonquian Indians. These early forms were just stones appended to wooden handles, secured with segments of rawhide. It was basically a strategic tomahawk, utilized for slashing, cutting and chasing. At the point when Europeans touched base in North America, they presented the metal cutting edge, which changed how it was made.

It has enhanced the way of life of the local individuals, particularly with chasing in light of the fact that the sharp edge would not break as effortlessly. With the new metal, they had a sledge or spike on the opposite side of the sharp edge, so it could be utilized as a part of an expanded number of circumstances. Likewise, the pipe was once in a while connected, considering smoking with it.

The military tomahawk has changed significantly today and was utilized by the US constrains as a part of the Vietnam War. These were known as Vietnam tomahawks and were utilized as a part of battle. The American Tomahawk Company now makes strategic renditions for the U.S. Armed force, which have been utilized as a part of both Iraq and Afghanistan for hand-to-hand battle and as apparatuses. Indeed, even law requirement are utilizing them now.

Tactical Tomahawk Features

The components of a tactical version won’t fluctuate excessively. The tactical axe will be made of a light-weight material, yet be extremely solid and strong. The handle will highlight finger grooves, making it simple to hold and use. It won’t be too long, yet will be sufficiently long that it can be utilized as a hatchet or ax, a weapon, and an apparatus that can be utilized as a part of survival circumstances.

Tactical tomahawks can be utilized as:

1. Pry-bars
2. Hammer
3. Shovel
4. Axe
5. Hatchet

Our Buyer’s Guide

On the off chance that you will get one, then you have to remember that there are three distinct sorts. Knowing which sort you need will make the buy much less demanding for you.

1. Throwing tomahawk: The cliché rendition is the one you can toss. This one is utilized by those contending as a part of rivalries, and the one is utilized for chasing and self-protection. On the off chance that you utilize it in self-protection, remember that the weapon you toss can then be utilized against you. These are adjusted flawlessly and are intended to be tossed. Thus, they have a tendency to not be as solid as others.

2. Combat tomahawk (or combat axe): This is not implied for tossing, but rather for battle and the military. These armed force forms are lighter since they should be swung rapidly and effectively.

3. Tactical tomahawk (survival): If you need one that can be utilized for an assortment of purposes, then you actually need to get this one.

This sort is intended to be utilized as a multi-reason instrument that can go from crushing a window or breaking an entryway, to opening up a case or for hand-to-hand battle.

Best Budget Tomahawk

In the event that you need to get one that is moderate, however will work awesome for you like a strategic one, then the SOG Specialty Knives and Tools Tactical Tomahawk is precisely what you require. This apparatus can be utilized for various distinctive circumstances, including evacuating deterrents, extricating something, cutting wood or chasing. As a survival instrument, this is a superb alternative.

Made with a glass-strengthened nylon handle, which can confront almost anything, it is finished off with 2.75 creeps of stainless steel that is utilized for the hatchet head. The stainless steel alternative will guarantee that you don’t need to stress over it rusting on you on the off chance that you are utilizing it as a part of a survival circumstance outside.

The handle is made of ballistic polymer, which can confront almost anything. Regardless of what you are doing with the hatchet, it is most likely going to confront the most noticeably awful of it, permitting you to handle effectively whatever the world tosses at you in a survival circumstance.

Taking all things together, it gauges in at 15.75 inches in length and weighs just 24 ounces. It makes it lightweight, yet at the same time very strong. It is durable to the point that SOG even gives it a lifetime guarantee.

Best High End Tomahawk

On the off chance that you are searching for a top of the line one, then you have to look at the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk. 0, It’s made in the United States and accompanies a hammer-head and pry-bar plan. It permits you to utilize it to mallet things into the ground to make a haven, however to likewise pry bits of wood off a tree for the fuel. Made with a G-10 handle with a 420HC steel body, it likewise accompanies a portable sheath that makes it simpler to convey with you.

As the maker says, the hatchet head will slice through dividers and rope, while the sledge will crush through locks, entryway handles and pivots. The pry-bar is intended for most extreme influence, and the hold is planned with the goal that it is anything but difficult to open whatever you have to. An astounding one of a strategic sort that accompanies a higher cost however is well justified, despite all the trouble.

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