Best Tactical Pen Buyers Guide (2019)

What’s the Best Tactical Pen – Full Review

If you’re on the market to find the Best Tactical Pen, then you have come to the right place.

If you require assurance in a place where different weapons are not permitted, a strategic pen is regularly your exclusive alternative. I have not needed to utilize a strategic pen, yet, however tried many of them. I have touched them, held them and audited all the tactical specs then refined everything into this guide.

Tactical Pen – Comparison Chart

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Wallet Score

My Rating

CRKT TPENWK Williams (my top pick)



Portable Multifunction Aircraft Aluminum



Boker Plus 09BO093 Titan



Schrade SCPEN4BK



Smith and Wesson SWPEN3BK



UZI UZI-TACPEN2-BK (best budget)






Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2G M and P



Research Process

Most general pens have delicate clips that snap off effortlessly unlike the tactical pens having more powerful clips than standard items. This is not the situation with tactical things – the whole item is produced using long-lasting and solid metal – so you’ll generally have the capacity to get to it rapidly.

Various thoughts arises while picking a strategic pen because choosing the sort of metal is the main, as it decides the general quality of the pen. Different inspections include the value, weight and length. You even need to search for a tactful item that doesn’t resemble a weapon.

Additional features are found in some tactical pens as well. These involve glass breakers, fire starters and even a tip in which DNA can be known. Your idea on where to utilize the pen tells what features you may need.

In order to know the top three graded tactical pens, we have hunted the web down and reviewed them beneath. Each of these pens is sturdy and could possibly be utilized for self-protection.

Tactical Pen Reviews

1. Schrade SCPENBK

The SCPENBK is an intense pen that is made with machined aircraft aluminum. In the event that you require an item that can survive the most testing circumstances, the SCPENBK is an incredible decision. Different features comprise a smooth matte black covering, screw cap and sleek design. The SCPENBK accompanies an additional cartridge.

Ink cartridge provided is moderately of low quality which leads to a drawback. This can make the pen hard to compose with.

Luckily, this issue can be solved by exchanging the cartridge with a higher quality option. SCPENBK satisfies its part as a protective weapon by considering the outstanding creation, regardless of the possibility that the provided cartridge is not up to scratch.

2. Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2G M

Making it an outstanding choice for self-defense, Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2G have worked with aircraft aluminum and are 5.7 inches in length. With a smooth and beautiful design it also an appealing pen.

The smooth hold of SWPENMP2G would be fine if your hands are dry, however sweaty hands could make it slippery. It is still an incredible model that is appreciable for both written work and self-protection as the grip has grooves to minimize it from slipping.

3. Schrade SCPEN4BK

This is the updated form of the Schrade SCPENBK. The SCPEN4BK is a sturdy pen that is manufactured with anodized aluminum. Outlined for survival, with additional features is considerable thing about the SCPEN4BK- for example, a whistle, fire starter and glass breaker. The SCPEN4BK is an awesome alternative in case you require an adaptable tool that is appropriate for both self-protection and day to day tasks.

The SCPEN4BK is outlined for survival and self-protection whereas composing is optional. It can even now compose sensibly well, however a people assume that the weight and massive development imply that it’s not appropriate for more than the casual note. SCPEN4BK is an amazing tactical pen concerning of its primary features.


In case you are in an area where different weapons are not permitted, tactical pens can serve as a convenient “last resort” self-protection weapon. They are protective ones; however the way that you should be near an attacker implies that they are not perfect.

All things being equal, in case you are in an unsafe condition without an appropriate self-protection weapon, you will be happy to have an overwhelming tactical pen.

Strength and nice appearance are two of the major characteristics of a tactical pen. Search for a sturdy item that doesn’t emerge as a weapon. Different contemplations incorporate the simplicity of composing and weight. You likewise need to choose whether you require additional features, for example, a glass breaker, before you begin searching.

Schrade SCPENBK is our top placed product in this classification. Making it stand out amongst the most long-lasting pens available, it is an extreme item that is produced using CNC machined air ship aluminum. The matte black finish likewise guarantees that it won’t emerge.

History Of The Tactical Pen

A tactical pen (some call it a self-protection pen) is only that, a written work tool used in tactical circumstance as well as weapon which can be used in self-protection. While one might say that any pen could be utilized as a part of self-protection, these are particularly intended to be the one because when you can’t have other any kind of weapon with you, a tactical pen will be there for you. These are writing tools, obviously, yet they can do as such a great deal more as they are water-proof, temperature-proof, and you can record upside with them.

Tactical pens are extraordinary for survival circumstances, and they are much more a tough one who will stand up to a lot more than a typical one. Incredibly, you can utilize one to ensure yourself, as well as to try and break glass in the event that you have to. They are likewise intended to convey extraordinary constrain on pressure points on the human body; the best models are awesome as a hand-to-hand weapon.

As far as its history, it is very hard to bind precisely when they initially developed. All through the Cold War, many were intended to be more than composing tools, giving self-protection and observation in specific circumstances. The general population’s acquiring of these is a late wonder, developing first in the 1990s yet expanding enormously with the accessibility of the Internet.

The Cool Features

When you are searching for tactical pen, you are getting one that has a ton of additional components. It simply does not keep in touch with; it does as such significantly more. Normally, this implies it will cost more than an ordinary one, yet you are getting a great deal for it.

As this is a discreet weapon, it is the greatest advantage and the enormous selling feature. It gives you an advantage which nobody will realize that, what you convey serves as a weapon that you can use in a self-protection circumstance. You will and that gives you more trust in a circumstance, and a part of surprise if you are anytime attacked by anyone.

There are other awesome elements of the self-protection pen, which are remarkable to different ones and won’t be found on every one of them. There are some that comprises a DNA get tip, which permits you to catch DNA from somebody without their knowledge. Likewise, there are some that work as glass-breakers, and others that give a handcuff key that you can use to escape from those handcuffs. As anyone might expect, these are extremely well known with law enforcement and their utilization is expanding significantly.

Most out there accompany a pocket clip in order to stop it from dropping out of your pocket and not being there. You will not need to stress over losing it as the pocket clip will not crack. In case you are searching for the best one you can purchase, ensure it contains a pocket clip.

Ultimately, the grip is thought to be exceptionally sturdy and won’t make it slip when your hands are sweat-soaked. Regardless of if your hands are filthy, wet, slimy or whatever else, it will not slip out of your hand, and that again is essential in a survival circumstance.

Additional Considerations

When you are going to purchase the one, you need to ensure you get one for what you require. In the event that you need one for a survival circumstance, then you have to get one that is water-proof and temperature-proof, sturdy as well. In the event that you are hoping to get one that can be utilized as a part of a serious survival circumstance, then you will require one that has a strong hold. It can be utilized as a weapon when the time comes (the term “self-protection” conveys it all).

In conclusion, on the off chance that you are searching for one that can be utilized as a part of a huge number of circumstances, discover one that can break glass, while additionally permitting you to catch DNA.

You have to ensure you get it from a respectable source when you are considering various choices. Two of the best sources are Smith and Wesson and Uzi. When you are getting one, you would prefer not to get one that simply has a good grip on it, you need to get a decent pen that can serve you in survival circumstances.

Best Budget Option

The UZI TACPEN-2-BK Defender is the best decision. It is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, so it is sturdy yet highly long-lasting. Coming in black, so it mixes in, and it likewise highlights a ultra-tough carbide tip glass breaker. This brand is utilized by the US Army, Secret Service and the Special Forces.

Best High-End Model

The Smith and Wesson’s SWPEN3BK Tactical Pen with a Stylus Tip measures a decent size at 5.7 inches and 1.4 ounces. Made of aircraft aluminum, it is very sturdy and long-lasting. The hold of it is incredible, and it even features a stylus for utilizing with a tablet or cell phone. With the feature of recording upside down, it can write in the rain as well.

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