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Hello everyone and welcome to Hot Survival Products website!

We have always been outdoors people and love to go on adventures to see what really is out there and just to have fun.

Our website is dedicated to tactical and survival gear reviews so you can trust that when we give out a good review, the product is actually great.

Just make sure you come back often because our lists could change depending on what new products have come out on the marketplace.

How Our Site Is Organized

The Hot Survival Products has six main categories which may increase depending on if any new hot products come out that don’t fit in our existing ones.

To start, just go ahead and check out our categories below and check out our list of the hottest products in that particular category.

Tactical Flashlights

If you are in the outdoors, you don’t want a normal flashlight because you need something that is durable and reliable to take the punishment of the environment.

All of the flashlights we mention in our list can handle the outdoor abuse and will last even through extreme conditions.

There are a ton of options, but we will make it easy for you by checking out our “Best Tactical Flashlight 2017” article.

Military Watches

Military watches are much tougher than the regular ones and is a must if you are outdoors in extreme conditions.

The price ranges for these watches can go from $50 to over $500 so it can be confusing on which one is best for you.

The good news is we simplify the process here at Hot Survival Products because we have  a list for you.  Check out our “Best Military Watch in 2017” article.

Tactical Pens

To the untrained eye, you might think all pens are the same right?  That’s really not that case when it comes with tactical pens.

In the wild, you never know what you might run to and having a tactical pen can possibly save your life.

Also, it’s great for any self-defense in case you run to an animal or a person that wants to hurt you.

It cane be tough to find the model that fits you best so we break it down in this article.

Tactical Backpacks

Don’t for one second that these are regular backpacks that you take to school.  These are designed to take extreme conditions of the outdoors and are great for camping.

Many of them have features like straps, padded back, water resistance and even hydration compartments!

Pretty cool right?

Like most survivalist gear, there are a ton of options to choose from and it can get confusing on what fits you best, but we have you covered in this article.

Tactical Tomahawks

Regular axles and Tomahawks are very similar but are generally more multipurpose.

When it comes to Tomahawks, there are three main kinds

  • Throwing
  • Combat
  • Survival

The first step is to understand what you are looking for in your axe.  Again, this is another category that has a ton of products and it can be stressful to finding the one that fits you best.

The good news is we’ve made it simple for you, just read our “Best Tactical Tomahawks 2017” article.

Tactical Knives

An amazing survival knife is all about quality and durability.  It’s always a good idea to invest in a proper knife because when you go with the lowered priced ones, customers tend to end up buying the more expensive ones down the road.

That’s because the handle and grip lacks in the cheaper knifes and now we make it easy for you to select the proper knife.

Check out our “Best Tactical Knife 2017” article.

Archery & Compound Bows

If you’re into the game, you know how important it is to select the right compound bow.

First thing you should look at is how well is it built?  You don’t want to buy a cheap bow then end up buying a more expensive one down the road.

Do it right the first time right?

The good news is at Hot Survival Products, we make it easy for you to select the right bow for you.

Check out our “Compound Bow Buyer’s Guide For 2017” write up!

Come Back Often!

Remember, we will be adding new categories and products when something new launches in the marketplace, so make sure you come back often!

Best thing you can do is add yourself to our news letter so we can inbox you the latest survival and tactical gear!

That’s the best way to keep yourself up to date in the marketplace specially when your looking to buying a product.

Yours Truly,

-Hot Survival Products Team