Voodoo Tactical Level III Assault BackPack Review

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We are going to take a closer look a the Level III Assault BackPack which is one of the higher end models.

Voodoo Tactical Level III Assault BackPack Review

Voodoo Tactical Backpack Review

I have few other products from Voodoo, such as their padded rifle case, and I was very satisfied with their products. They have turned out to be quite durable, so I was truly looking forward to testing out the assault pack.

TopSpecUs.com was developed in Jacksonville, Florida. They began in 2009 with only a few drop-shipped tactical items and a handful watch bands, and now are a full stocking dealer for Voodoo Tactical gear, Marathon watches, Wavian jerry cans, Medford custom knives, and many more lines as well. However, my initial plan was to change the assault pack into my “Go bag”.

I have a NoLimits 50 L backpack that I keep in my truck. It is a little large, but I am a big guy, and I have that packed full. Unfortunately, I could tell it was not going to be big enough, from the moment I took the Voodoo bag out of the shipping box. But because I immediately saw another use for it, that was ok.


Now before I get into the review I thought I may give only a brief account of my bag system. I don’t have a Bug out Bag necessarily. The absolute last thing I would do was simply pestering out into the unknown. Yet I do have what I term a “Get Home” or “Go bag.”

It is about a solid day and a half on foot, if needed to walk from work to home. That’s not taking into account the weather or other unforeseen events. My Get Home bag is designed to get me and also other family members home, or to our homestead.

It is about a day’s walk from my home to my homestead, again without taking the climate or other unforeseen events into the equation. So I am looking at a 2-3 day walk and my bag is packed accordingly if I had to go from work straight to the homestead on foot (But being a single, full time Dad, I am going for home and my son first in almost all cases.)

However, because of this, I went with a bigger than a normal backpack. As I don’t want to be too obvious it is not a mil spec, rather, it is more of a camping pack. Its size may pull in some notice, but for what all I carry it is something I would need to accept.

Being 18′ inches tall by 10′ inches wide by 10′ inches deep (About 29 L) as I had mentioned, the Voodoo assault bag is kind of small for me in that capacity. I could not trim it by almost half, even if I wanted to trim my current Go bag. However, I have a second bag that I take to work every day, my Patrol bag. And this bag was prefect for that! I shall cover the contents and purpose of the Patrol bag at the end of this article.

Voodoo Tactical Backpack Review – The Bag

The Voodoo Tactical Level III assault bag has large, heavy duty zippers. It is also made up of rough, heavy duty nylon. This is handy if you want to organize small items. As the bag have two full length compartments, with two added pockets on the inside. One slight disadvantage is that only one of these inside pockets zips closed. The other three does not. So there is a chance that the contents in the other three pockets could come loose inside the pack, if the bag is turned upside down for some reason.

The pack has compression straps, which is handy if you really need to cinch down your pack. It has three straps one on each side and one at the top. If you want to carry it by hand, it also has a nylon handle at the top.

For comfort the back of the pack has a foam pad. However it has also been shaped to permit air flow between the pack and you. The bag has MOLLE, ALICE, and D ring attachments, so that you can add other attachments to it. There is also a pocket at the top, back that is fixed by Velcro in which you could store a hydration pack.

I have a tendency to carry my pack over just one shoulder. For added comfort, the shoulder straps are designed to have foam padding on the underside. However, there is a downside to that. The foam pad usually causes the shoulder strap to fall down, bringing about the pack being around my arm on more than one occasion. This was very annoying, particularly when I was carrying other items in my hands.

If you carry it over both shoulders this isn’t an issue. And for extended travel I clearly would. I loosened the shoulder strap tight, which helped a bit. However, this made the pack feel a bit slacker than I am used to. The shoulder straps are completely removable, and they are totally adjustable from both the top and bottom.

There is also a nylon waist belt, which attaches with a single plastic buckle, but it is only 2′ wide. Like the shoulder straps, it is completely removable. I am not sure I would really need it, for a pack this size however.

Voodoo Tactical Backpacks – Overall

While I have not yet put this bag through its paces, I had mentioned having other Voodoo products, and they have held up reasonably well. This bag appears no different. The manufacturing of this bag seems to be tough and durable

I did some comparison shopping, and currently, you can buy this bag from for $79. That seemed to me to be reasonably priced when you consider that you get free shipping inside the continental US. It is provided in 7 different colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, Multicam, Army Digital Camo, and ATACS Camo. I picked black since all of my other MOLLE gear is black.

The reason I rated it 4 stars as opposed to 5 because the sliding shoulder strap is a big irritant for me. But the versatility and quality of the bag really appealed to me.

For me, it did not work as a bug out bag. But I discovered other practical uses for it. It could be used as a 72 hour or BOB, depending upon your circumstances. However I tend to think it is a somewhat small for that. But it works just fine as a day pack, or a BOB for your child.

Voodoo Tactical Backpack Reviews – Contents

I thought I would go ahead and list the contents of my “Patrol bag” and my thought behind it, for those of you who are interested.

I keep my Go bag in my truck, as I had mentioned. As the pack is too big I don’t put it in my police vehicle. As I share a Ford Expedition with two other officers, all of our police equipment is kept in this vehicle. We pack our vehicle full. An Entry shield, tactical vests and helmets, rifles, shotguns, first aid equipment, ammo, radios, etc.

But there is enough room for my 9 quart Igloo cooler, and my Patrol bag. In the cooler I keep 3-4 Clif bars, several bottles of water, a 5 hour energy drink, Chap Stick, aspirin, and a Coleman frozen chiller pack. Should I need to ditch the cooler, I have room in the patrol bag for those items. If everything were to go to Hell in a hand basket I could also use the bag to get back to my main pack.

I keep extra magazines In my Patrol bag for my Glock and extra shells for my shotgun. I have an extra set of handcuffs, my citation book, my yellow reflective highway vest, a cheap cigarette lighter, my Streamlight Stinger DS LED flashlight, set of large puncture resistant gloves, extra USB phone charger with DC wall adaptor, a Duracell AC/DC power mobile inverter, department issued Ipad and charger, and my clip board/form holder. I additionally have some other assorted police gear and equipment.

I had this all packed into a regular “Walmart” cheap backpack before. It was not very efficient or organized. And was beginning to show after about 6 months of use, wear and tear. But I am able to keep everything organized and in place, with the Voodoo Assault pack. And it should be easy to stand up to the everyday uses I put it through.

I am satisfied with the Voodoo assault pack, in the end, and was immediately able to put it to good use.


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