Tac Force TF 705 Series Folding Knife Review

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Tac Force TF 705 – Folding Knife Review

tac force tf 705 reviewThe Tac Force TF 705 is a knife that gives you the ability to change your ordinary pocketknife into a remarkably powerful tool that will cut through pretty much anything. It basically can be used for a wide range of uses. And just like your Swiss army knife, it does not only come with the blade (although the best part is definitely the blade.)

It has a very nice design, and comes with some other tools as well. It is made by a name in the industry that we know (being knife people) and so. Right after the features, let’s see what might be the pros and cons to carrying this knife.

Benefits & Features of the TF-705 Folding Knife

  • When it is closed measures four and a half inches.
  • Dual Lanyard slot, black blade, red handle.
  • Has a gray aluminum handle which makes it really light.
  • Features a stainless steel blade with half of it serrated.
  • Also includes other tools like a glass breaker, a can opener, and a clip for your pocket.

Tac Force TF 705 – Affordable?

tac force tf 705 reviews

We are always impressed when we find a high-quality knife that turns out to not only be affordable, but extremely affordable, but appear like it would be high-dollar. This knife is awesome; when it is open it measures just over 4 inches closed and a total of 8 inches. The blade is stainless steel which is made of high carbon materials. And as the knife has an assisted opening, this makes it a little simpler.

The blade comes in handy sometimes as it is also partially serrated. However if you do not know how to do it, this knife can be a bit hard to close.

When it is open, the blade locks by moving aside and past a small piece of metal that keeps it from going back in. you do not want the knife closing while you are using it, this is actually a safety feature, but you might struggle with this initially, unless you are familiar with knives. However, you will not have any problems doing it again, once you get the blade closed the first time.

Tac Force TF 705 – Hot Survival Conclusion

Honestly, this is one of the best low priced knives that we have come across since we go through a lot of knives. It might not include all of the tools that you will find in a Swiss army knife, but everything works on it, and (those Swiss, they require all sorts of tools available) for those instances that you just need a pocketknife that works, it is still a great knife to have with you. It also came very sharp and did not require sharpening at all.


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