The Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review

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I have been intending to note on the Swiss Army Volcano Stove which is one my most loved pieces of Military Surplus survival gear. It works extraordinary as a lightweight a camping stove, hiking stove and as a survival stove. You may have never known about it, yet before the finish of this article I assure you will need one.

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove: Intelligently Designed Three Piece Stove

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove which is a military surplus stove packs a companies aluminum insulated bottle with a cork, a canteen cup and a multi fuel stove. The aluminum bottle holds a little more than liter water whereas the canteen cup holds two cups of water. The aluminum bottles stopper is not the perfect approach to cap a bottle, but rather it is useful. In case you need, it’s sufficiently simple to change the bottle with one that has a screw top.

It perfectly fits into the Condor H2O Pouch in case you need a bag for it. If you can find them, it even fits nicely inside the old surplus French Army gas mask bags.

The 4 features which I like about the Swiss Army Volcano Stove are:

It is Flexible: A Truly Multifuel Stove

Multi fuel just implies that it can utilize different sources of fuel in order to burn. The little stove delivery in that sector is done by the boy! It is with these strong fuels like Esbit and Trioxane strong fuel tablets that the Swiss Army Volcano stove works.You can likewise put alcohol burners like the Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove and the gel fuel burners like Sterno inside it. However none of these are my liked ones. My most liked fuels are those that you can search even at the last moment when you do not have an instant fuel source. It burns bark, twigs, pine sap, leaves and some other fuels which you can discover around your camp.

This Stove is Lightweight

Another name for this stove is the Swiss Ranger Stove. It is made up of lightweight aluminum and weighs the scales at just 14 ounces. It does not fall in the ultralight class of stoves, yet it is lightweight appealing to many survivalists and minimalist hikers. Undoubtedly, it has lot many functions and is versatile enough costing less than a pound.

It Has Military Grade Durability

This stove is made up of aluminum yet the walls of every one of the three items are sufficiently thick to make them keep going for n number of uses. Do not over heat the stove as the aluminum starts melting at 1,221° F. Note: In order to avoid from overheating “accidents”, always warm the container and the bottle with a fluid inside it.

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is also Inexpensive

It contains the similar features like the much more expensive Kelly Kettle, just at 1/4th the cost. With this stove you will get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review – Conclusion

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is an awesome stove which boils water rapidly with various fuels, which includes foraged fuels. I discovered the way that it can also be utilized without carrying fuel which is of great advantage. Obviously you should not simply trust me. See to it whether the Swiss Volcano Stove works for you or not. And never forget to test your equipment before you utilize it.


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