Five Reasons Why I Like A Survival Belt Kit

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Five Reasons Why I Like A Survival Belt Kit

Survival Belt Kit

One choice for conveying your survival gear is to convey it on a survival belt kit. It doesn’t really need to resemble the Vietnam era LCE (Load-Carrying Equipment).

That I conveyed while in the Army (imagined right), modern gear will work fine. A belt with a few pockets will carry all of the gear you need for a day or two. It is a fantastic lightweight bug-out choice that I think you will like.

I will recommend some gear for you to carry on your survival belt unit. These are just proposals; don’t waver to configure your belt unit to meet your individual needs.

Gear For Your Survival Belt Kit

Good utility or web belt is the basic need.

UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt – Black

Both leather and nylon belts work fine; nylon has the upside of being waterproof. A decent top grain oiled leather belt should last just as long as a nylon belt. In the event that you need one of the nylon military gun belts they are promptly accessible at military surplus stores.

On the belt you will require some pockets to carry your survival equips. I propose that you don’t buy the open style nail pocket however get the kind that closes safely.

GOPACK Horizontal Survival Kit Pouch, Tactical & Military, Rapid Deployment

A few people additionally like to convey a holster for their handgun… again it’s completely up to you.

In the pockets you can convey a wide range of survival gear, for example, a multi-instrument, some nourishment bars, a poncho, a fire-starter, a survival whistle, a compass, an electric lamp, or choose whatever else that you require. Keep first in your mind your own needs and the condition that you will be liable to when wearing this belt pack.

Some other things that are easy to bear on a belt unit come with their own particular sheath or pocket; a survival blade, a flask, a survival saw and an emergency treatment unit. On the off chance that the piece of gear can be effortlessly carried on a belt and you need to incorporate it, why not do so?

Five reasons that I like a Survival Belt Kit:

  1. It is extremely lightweight. It will not wear you out even If you need to run with it.
  2. Easy to put on and take off. Grab and go never was less demanding.
  3. Everything on the unit is easy to access. No burrowing through layers of gear to get that specific gear.
  4. If you have made your mind that you have to convey more things it is easier to toss on a backpack or messenger bag without disturbing your belt kit.
  5. A survival belt unit won’t break the bank. You can discover a large portion of the things of gear at an Army Surplus Store.

Conveying a survival belt unit is a shrewd other option to a conveying a completely furnished bug out pack. It is effectively and immediately changed into whatever setup you need, and rushes to convey. It can be taken pretty much anyplace and is very quick to deploy. Likewise, on the off chance that you ever conclude that you require extra gear it will easily accommodate the change. Assemble one for yourself and you will soon understand.


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