Spyderco Military G-10 Knife Review

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The design of the Spyderco Military is one of the oldest in the Spyderco catalogue. While most of the Spyderco designs were improved or updated, also in order to remain commercially viable they were being changed to second, third, and even fourth generations, the Spyderco Military has remained without even having been updated to a second generation both in production and immensely popular throughout the years. Spyderco’s Endura and Delica knives have both stood the test of time as well, but each are currently in their fourth generations, by contrast to the Military. The Spyderco Military is therefore quite a magnificent anomaly.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife Review

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife Review

My Spyderco Military, in CTS-XHP steel with coyote brown G-10 scales is a sprint run. That being stated, my knife is basically the same as the standard generation Military (which accompanies with a black G-10 handles and CPM S30V blade), besides the colour and some minor edge retention gains. The Spyderco Military is an immediately recognizable knife, because of its super minimalistic design, tiny t6 screws, and its oversized pivot. By far, one of the cleanest designs still in production by Spyderco is the Military.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Design

The knife’s design has not changed at all since it was first in production, of course because of the way this knife has stayed in the Spyderco catalogue without having been re-released as a second generation. Due to this, the pocket clip is not four-way, just like the standard with Spyderco pocket clips today.

For the individuals who do not know, a four-way pocket clip is the one that can be moved to either the bottom or the top on the front or the back of the knife. If you like the pocket clip being any different from the way it comes standard,this is a bit of a disadvantage. When it made the Military,I truly wish Spyderco had utilized four-way clips back.

The spine of the Military has a little G-10 backspacer. This gives some rigidity, yet still allows for simple cleaning with compressed air.Similar to that of the Spyderco Sage 2, true open frame construction is of course easier to clean, however this kind of construction is still much better than that of full closed spine knives, for example the Sage 3.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Blade

Out of 3.7 mm (.187 inch) stock thickness, the 10 cm (4 inch) blade is full flat ground. Which means that the Military is an exceptionally heavy knife that was brought down and ground to be a great versatile slicer. The knife is sufficiently tough for 99% of the work you could think of utilizing it for, and has a sufficiently thin edge to carry out those jobs cleanly and easily.

I will always have a weak spot for a well-made liner lock knife as the steel liner lock engages with a solid thud, reminding me each time when the knife fully opens.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Liner Lock

Since the liner is incorporated inside one of the G-10 scales, the knife remains amazingly thin and unbelievably light for its size. Thanks to the jimping on the liner and the conceived cut out in the scales, the liner lock is very easy to separate. Honestly, fabulous stuff here.

The oversized Spyderhole is truly amazing. It allows with extreme ease for one-handed opening and closing.

As I have mentioned earlier, with any Spyderco knife it’s very unlikely that the lock will fail, and the same is true of this knife too, however the Military’s blade does also feature a choil,in case if it does.Even if the blade fails, you are still unlikely to harm your fingers with a choil.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Clip

The pocket clip on the Military is fair, absolutely not one of the knife’s highlights. In general, the clip is not flexible enough and much too visible for my liking. The clip also seems far too gaudy and large to even suit this style of knife. I think a wire clip, similar to the one on the Sage 1, would suit the Military much better. Even the clip on the Paramilitary 2 would have been more useful.

It’s really quite striking how large the knife is, when the Spyderco Military is completely opened. Whereas when the knife is in your hands a 241 mm (9.5 inch) general length sounds big, it looks even greater than it sounds. I used to think that the Military was far too large to EDC, however now that I have had it for quite a long time, I’m totally used to its size and have genuinely grown to appreciate it. That being stated, as I’m guessing a couple of them may have a heart attack when they encounter with the sheer size of the blade,however, you might not want to try a quick, one-handed opening of this knife around the sheeple.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Grind

In terms of grind, I cannot emphasize on how well ground this knife is. When everybody asks me why I review and own so many Spydercos, this is why.

The centering of the knife is almost perfect. The pivot is newer type that the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 features, for reasons explained above it is not updated, yet in my opinion the pivot is quite good as it is. While still remaining easy to flick out, a little bit of loctite, and it won’t move.

As with most Spydercos, the balance is right behind the pivot. As this provides a very neutral balance point, there are no complaints here.

And indeed, such a super point ground from thick stock. Amazing work, as is common of Spyderco.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Grip

The standard saber grip is fabulous. This makes the Military amongst the most agreeable folders I own, even considering the relative thinness of the handles versus the knife’s overall size.

If you did not really get a good idea of how enormous the knife was before, after choking up on it check out how much handle I have left.

Pinch grip is better. The general size and neutrality of this knife makes comfortable for most of the people in a lot of ways, nevertheless of how small or large their hands may be or how they like to use their knives.

This knife was obviously not designed for reverse grip, as the clip is once again a downside. Or else the knife is still very comfortable in reverse grip.

Spyderco Military 2

Sal Glesser had promised an upgraded version of the Spyderco Military, thus some may be sceptical whether they need to wait for the Spyderco Military 2 or go for the Spyderco Military available. Although, I don’t think it’s thoughtful to wait. Also, it’s true that it will probably feature a lot of improvement on certain features, such as that annoying clip, when the Military 2 comes out,and even with a new lock, and with a superior bushing pivot like the Paramilitary 2 has, the current Military is still a formidable buy. Buying the Spyderco Military is like owning a Harley-Davidson,even if there are newer models to hit the market, it’s a classic that will never go out of date. I’ll honestly be totally unapologetic regarding this statement, and in my opinion, I will never have a reason to throw this classic aside for an another, shinier model.

Obviously, I wouldn’t let having the original Spyderco Military prevent me from buying the Military 2 when it comes out. Each knife should be assessed and judged based on its own excellence, and the excellence of the Military 2 might be profitable enough to permit adding to my collection. However, the Military 2 will probably be different from the first Military to allow each being a different and distinct part of my overall collection.

In conclusion, although the Spyderco Military is one of the oldest Spyderco designs to still be in production without a newer, updated generation, it has held that place in Spyderco’s catalogue history for good reason.

Spyderco Military G-10 Knife – Conclusion

Taking everything into account, in spite of the fact that the Spyderco Military is one of the most established Spyderco outlines to in any case be underway without a fresher, refreshed era, it has held that place in Spyderco’s index history in light of current circumstances.

As a performance knife, this blade is excellent, when it comes to comfort it is perfect for many different hand sizes, even though it is such an enormous knife, it is unusually lightweight and user friendly. It is definitely not a great EDC to be carrying around those who may be upset around large knives, although if you don’t really care about the pocket clip being out of date and are into large knives, this knife is eventually a worthy investment.

The knife hasn’t been upgraded, not because it could not have been, but because when it first appeared on the market it has always remained well liked until now. You might have to get used to the overall length of the knife and sheer size of the blade at first, but trust me this acknowledgment of the knife will come quickly, and you will start to wonder how did you ever find it odd in the first place.

When you get a Spyderco Military you are buying a piece of Spyderco history. When you buy a classic you can’t go wrong,as it has been so well received for so many years.


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