Ready To Eat Sopakco MRE Meals Review

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MRE is unapproachable experience for foodies. This has surely given awaken respect for our soldiers. It would not be happy eating this thing on a regular basis. I used this product in the comfort of my home, not in a survival situation or emergency situation.

Ready To Eat Sopakco MRE Meals Review

Ready To Eat Sopakco MRE Meals Review

There are plenty of survival food you can go over to the grocery store to build up a collection of ones that will last as long as these MREs if stored properly. Sopakco MRE Meal is very good option for bug out bag, because of their petite size and their convenience. At home it had preferably expended food budget in other way and not blow it on these.

This MRE by Sopakco came in a locked bag made of lovely thick plastic. It is much water resistance to water damages of any kind. I wish it was vacuum packed alternatively. As a lot of space is wasted by air. A small 24 to 30 liter capacity space is always good for backpack.

Meals of ready to eat; it is originally designed by the U.S. Department of Defense. It helps keep you going during most tough days. The MREs were designed by leading nutritionists and chefs to be tasty and nutritional. MREs are lightweight, easy to store and easy to use so it is best for camping, hiking, outdoor adventure or emergencies.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Package

Sopakco is best in the design, preparation and packaging of prepared foods using advanced packaging technologies, based in South Carolina. Sopakco MRE meals are packaged in triple layer plastic fling back pouch. This is then sealed, cooked and not exposed to air until opened. So the food is actually disinfected in pouch block for future pollination. The result is very good sill life, and food which retains it natural moisture and juice.


The Sopakco MREs contain many of the same components of the military MREs. There is energy drink, crackers, dessert, the cheese spread, and peanut butter and accessory packets are also there. Probably the best thing about the Sure Paks  is that they still include the standard military spoon.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Spoon

Inside the Sopacko MRE there is a lovely plastic spoon. The only instrument provided. The main course which is essentially pulp, so it would be not needing anything else to eat this thing.

You can see, the labeling is somewhat harsh and practical in nature with a very drab military look to each thing. It looks definitely business.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Drink Powder

Let’s start with lemon and lime drink powder. Its common aspect is like one of pre workout energy drink. It feels very chemically and smells like sickly sour candies. Taste was similar to condensed sour patch kids. This is not bad. This drink packet has lot of vitamin C as well as large amount of sugar. It felt heighten of energy after drinking even small section of it. The feel is corrected with no gravelly. The Sopakco MRE has such a poor stability.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Cookie

Next up on the tasting is the single cookie. That comes in a grey vacuum pack. There is no advertising on the packet. Out of the packet cookie break down instantly. Cookie crumbled was not due to bad handling, but because of its dry texture. Taste of cookie was acceptable. It is firstly tasted like Mr. Christie’s Chips cookies. The cookie was surely consumable. This may be highlight of the Sopakco MRE.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Crackers

Next is crackers. Crackers are basically glorified god food, so it least insulting food before tacking the main dish. The crackers are like cookies. It also came in grey vacuum pack. I don’t know why vacuum pack all the food separately but overall package is full of air.

Crackers are bone dry, powdery and plain. There is no flavoring including salt so it is not saltine but just plain cracker. It is assumed that it is eat with processed cheese.

Feel of this cracker is horrible. It is most horrendous feel in the entire Sopakco MRE. It had a Play Doh mixed with grit like feel when it was inside the packet. It felt snowy moisture over what was going to come out of that plastic packet.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Processed cheese

Processed cheese is generally favorite of most of the people; there are no words about it. Processed cheese is a doughy sandy material with a very powerful chemically smells. It was closely scared. But when it was tried, it tasted better than it looked. It was tasteless with an aftertaste of processed cheese.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Cocoa

The cocoa beverage is next. Cocoa came in a complex bag design for blending the resulting chocolate drink to a suitable stability. Chocolate drink works and it tastes like poor quality run of the factory of hot chocolate. Feel of the cocoa drink is somewhat sandy and gritty. If there is hot water, drink would be much finer. Flavor wise this cocoa drink is tasty. The lemon lime drink is better than cocoa drink.

The Main Dish

The main dish is Mexican rice and chili beans. Through the packet feel of main dish is terrible. There are no instructions given on the package of main dish, so it means it is ready to eat. In the packet, the rice looks like masticated up and spat out. Texture of the rice outside is like colourless and it is not so nice. Sometimes its inner texture is pulpy. The beans are look like dog vomit which is not my cup of tea. Look of chili also not so good. The flavor of the mexican rice is unexpectedly not boring. It is not so spicy but not also plain. Taste of main dish is not so good so you won’t continue to eat it.

Both the two parts of the main dish Mexican rice and chili beans are terrible, but when both mixed together, there is some noticeable improvement. Once I taste it I felt like my taste sprouts were trying to kill me.

The bad part of this MRE ready to eat food is not only the taste, but comparatively the biggest offender is that so much bad texture. If I were undernourished I would be thankful to have this but after seeing that I can’t take a bite of it. Even thinking about this food gives me goose pimples.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Soldier Fuel

I presume that last will be quite nice. A Soldier Fuel is essentially a peanut butter power bar. Soldier fuel bar is looks like shiniest slab like pure adherent plastic with a quite strong peanut scent. Flavor of peanut butter bar is like quite pleasing. It is tending to make one think of a dry general peanut butter bar. It is both chewy and delicate at the same time. It felt very unpleasant effect. Soldier fuel bar is full of protein and nutrients that is huge plus point.

Other things

There is also variety of seasoning packets, instant coffee and creamer.


Ever since 2005, Sopakco has been offering the choice of buying Sure Paks with or without heaters. The heaters are included are the same as military Flameless Ration Heaters that are started with plain water. The sure paks with heaters cost about $9 more than without heaters.

Sopakco MRE Meals – Conclusion

Though MREs light weight, easy to use and easy to carry but as far as food is consult MREs is not good survival food. It is absolute waste of time and money. If you have any worry about your taste florets than stick to the power bars and workout energy drink like lemon lime juice. Stick to collection of long term survival food you can buy it from any grocery store. This MRE is very popular site online. But taste of its product is so much worse. You would not have in your strike in your mouth formerly you have to eat it. It is very expensive, do not store as long as dry up.


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