SOG Flash II Knife Review

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I have had numerous requests to review the SOG Flash II Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife. It is certainly one of the most popular mainstream knives.

Below is our review.

SOG Flash II Knife – Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife

SOG Flash II Review

A very usable blade in a minimal package, with average operation from lock to features.

This knife is a very practical folder; very standard drop point blade and beyond some visual oddities, I think the handle design itself is relatively plain.

Its closed length is 4.5 inches. It is a decent size, and the 3.5 inch blade market is the perfect symmetry for these knives, not too small and not too big. The scales are made out of glass reinforced nylon and we do think it is correctly executed in terms of in-hand retention. The scales have good grip without tearing your pockets apart.

Other than the handles and those 2 switches (the unlock and the safety lock), it’s pretty standard. Certainly as safe as you are going to get with SOG.  What we always loved about SOG was their very unique branding and style.

SOG Flash II Knife – Blade?

One thing we do think is nice about the Flash II is the handles being bonded together. We do like the design, and think it offers some great advantages in cold countries like Canada. No one wants metal back spacers on exposed flesh in subzero temps. All in all, it feels like a consistent design.

The blade is fantastic. Full flat ground with outstanding utility and no bias for any specific tasks. No weird grinds either, and from a purely efficient viewpoint, I think the blade is a home run. Very easy to sharpen, too.

The shape of the handle is “optimized” for ergonomics. I would say that its in-hand retention is above average, though the absence of aggression with regards to the molding on the scales is interesting. There is a scallop around the section where your pointer finger rests, which helps in positioning. Outside of that, the handle is obviously designed to taper downwards.

SOG Flash Knife – Lock

Undoing the lock is smooth with little struggle. The knife does have a secondary “safety” lock to make sure it doesn’t open in your pocket.

The blade is very nicely machined with a lean full flat grind.

The general fit and finish is sufficient. It’s similar to many knives of the same price, but perhaps with more play.

The Flash II weighs in at 3.10 ounces, and that’s great. The knife does feel effortless when you’re using it.

The pocket clip is perfect. It’s unique and functional and withdrawing the knife is effortless. Is it inconspicuous? No, not really.

Saber grip is natural.  I read some other reviews that mention the ergonomics being less than optimal, but I think the size of your hands will have a lot to say on the matter.

As with all knives with “enhanced ergonomic swoops and swedges,” how this knife feels in-hand will vary from person to person. Choking up is obviously not an option due to the lack of a choil on the Flash II.

SOG Flash II – Conclusion

Reverse grip is great. The exaggerated taper of the handle does help with retention, and I just don’t see my fingers slipping past the guard.

Pinch grip on the Flash II is practical.  Balance on the Flash II is almost perfect, and the deviation from the natural balance point is almost insignificant in real world use. This thing is lightweight, and it’s easy to use in real world situations.


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