Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife Review

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Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife Review:

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife Review

Out of the considerable number of blades I claim, the Ontario SP10 Marine Raider Bowie is one of my top choices, not on the grounds that it’s particularly useful or exceeds expectations at one specific assignment, but instead in light of the fact that it is 650 grams of fun – and does it should be said that it looks amazing. It likewise has a truly decent adjust point (helped by its shrouded solid handle development).

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife – Sheath

The sheath is extremely well made. It has great waxed sewing and solid bolts. The material determination is also very well thought out.

The sheath is made out of ballistic nylon at the front, for general strength and scraped area resistance, with calfskin backing so it doesn’t shred your legs while you’re wearing it.

At 22 ounces, I can’t say I would especially need to convey this on my belt, but if at all other options have been exhausted it’s surely possible.

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife – Edge

Indeed, even with a lean edge, its 1095 sharp edge is an extremely poor performer for littler undertakings. The edge begins too far up to choke up on for accuracy.

Whenever I have to utilize this blade for general cutting, I utilize this particular grasp, utilizing my thumb to push.

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife – Blade

Actually, this blade is a battle cut, yet I for one don’t think it would be useful for battling by any stretch of the imagination. It’s much too overwhelming to be very practical in battle, however it excels at hacking. At last, I just utilize this blade as a chopper, and would encourage others to do likewise. It can without much of stretch experience generally thick branches in a solitary swing.

The handle is especially awkward, so to make it more agreeable for an individual to utilize, I secured the hold with nitrile (which is breaking separated after numerous months). I would propose utilizing some sort of bicycle inner tube, or grasp tape, only for ergonomics. The groves in the handle are what make holding this Bowie especially awkward.

Shockingly, while cleaving it can feel like the butt of this blade is attempting to break your pinkie. A solid grasp and a few gloves run far with settling this issue.

The blade will be sharp edge substantial with a quarter-inch spine, which makes each slash capable – verging on instinctive, truly – particularly considering that the blade is a mere sub 10 inch, and that the tip is cut, which lessens the weight.

Once more, despite the fact that this blade is in fact intended to be a battling and battle cut, you would be unable to discover somebody who might claim it’s a poor chopper.

The liberal length of the Bowie would make stripping bark simple on the off chance that it was not for the sharp clip point. As some time recently, it’s certainly a smart thought to wear gloves while playing out this undertaking.

The default edge was truly obtuse, so I diminished it out and made it curved.

As should be obvious, the auxiliary edge on my blade backpedals a decent 3-4 mm more distant than the production line one.

The clasp purpose of the Bowie is not honed, but it is so lean it that wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to put a working edge on. Be watchful, be that as it may, as the clip will chew up any baton when batoning.

The 1/4 inch stock thickness is helpful with regards to batoning, as it permits the blade to part even hardwoods easily. I can’t discover any occurrences of a Marine Raider Bowie bombing under hard utilize either, so you don’t have to keep down when hitting it. If not for that clip point, this blade would be the ideal batoning blade. In any case, seeing as how the clip point bites directly through all rods in the event that you get excessively near the tip, you must be really watchful when utilizing the Marine Raider Bowie as a batoning blade.

The metal cord opening is helpful for maintenance in case you are going to be chopping a lot.

The covering influences its capacity to be utilized as a striker when utilizing a fire steel, so I ground a decent 90 degree exposed steel segment. That being stated, its mass makes it somewhat cumbersome for creating flashes, so if given the alternative I’d most likely utilize something else in any case.

To wrap things up, this blade is a moderately economical hunk of steel with better than expected cleaving capacity and a truly rebel look. It is less than impressive for more broad utilize errands, and its cutting capacity is moderately low.

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife – Conclusion

I wouldn’t recommend obtaining the Ontario Marine Raider Bowie as a strategic alternative because of its absence of speed when used, however in the event that required, you could simply toss it in the general bearing of the danger – the sheer weight will annihilate everything in its way.

At last, as a great degree decent looking, fun camp blade, it’s difficult to beat (particularly at that value!), so far as you comprehend that both capacity and execution come optional to style and sheer coolness for its situation.

In any case, simply take a gander at it. How might you deny its feel?


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