Outdoor Fixed Blade Mora 2000 Knife Review

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Mora 2000 Survival Knife Review

Mora 2000 Knife Review

When people think to buy Mora knife, if they think about something advanced than go with Mora 2010 Bushcraft Forest and if they want some old one than go with Mora Classics. Mora 2000 outdoor knife is one of the most undervalued knives. This knife is bridge between comfort of modern material and grip of classic.


The Mora 2000 is pure plastic, blade and belt kink are the deviation. The plastic has strange cracked eggshell design, which is not desirable but very good in grab improvement.


The blade of Mora 2000 knife is same like other Mora knives. Width of the blade is 2.5mm and it becomes narrow towards the end. At the end width become 1-1.5mm. The 12C27 stainless steel blade has a scalloped head which support in stabbing. The scalloped head aid with particular cuts. Some tests proved that fringe strength does not affected tip. The Scandi grind portion of the blade is very useful in notching. The blade finish is quite high, providing a clean reflection and can be used as a signaling mirror readily.


The case is rubbing suitable with a minute effective detent. Use of the cover is very nice. The belt kink is marvelous and it is better than used in Mora 2010 Bushcraft Forest Knife. The leather look of belt kink is very good class. Overall the case is same as other but there are two drainage holes in the Mora 2000 case. If we compare other Mora case with Mora 2000, Mora 2000 case is utilitarian and above average.


Revert sabre grip is very pleasant with the knife. The sticky rubber over mold grips the palm of your hands. You would not lose command of the Mora 2000 knife. Compress gripping is feasible, and very comfortable.

Slim Scandinavian shred makes woodwork very good. The Mora 2000 outdoor Knife shines in this zone. If anyone wants to shave thin wrap from wood, the scalloped tip works very nice.

The knife is strong enough to face all outdoor needs.

Light vegetation

The knife worked well in cutting flora. However it was too short to virtually gather an important amount in a short period of time. The performance of this knife for cutting can be increased by a partial grip around the end of the handle to raise the reach but even then working range is still too short. For small woody flora it works ok on the lighter material due to its very fertile cutting profile.


This knife is very light with a handle heavy balance so has a minimal chopping capacity. The chopping power of the Mora 2000 can be increased by pulling thicker wood so as to place them under rigidity, which will allow the Mora 2000 to cut fairly large branch which will fill out waste protection quickly.


The Mora 2000 knife’s blade length is 109mm. Overall length of the knife is 224mm. Weight of the Mora 2000 knife is 141g. The Mora 2000 Outdoor knife is made in Sweden.

Mora 2000 Knife – Conclusion

The Mora 2000 is a great outdoor knife with flexibility against the elements. It has very neutral grip, which is comfortable for all hand size. The knife does outstanding work at woodwork due to its Scandinavian grind. It can face batoning without breaking a sweat taking into account its respective size and weight.  However on stiff and wedging materials like celery and woods, the knife still showed a high level of cutting ability due to thin profile.


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