Military Surplus Survival Gear — Where to Find It and What to Expect

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Individuals from the military place themselves in damages route constantly. Because of which they take much of gear: they should be ready at a minutes notice to battle and make themselves ready with what they are carrying on their back in order to survive. At the point when the military has excess of this gear it leads to be distinctly accessible to regular people to buy as military surplus gear which is ideal for anybody who requires great survival gear. I find this surplus gear as Military Surplus Survival Gear.

Military Surplus Survival Gear

Military Surplus Survival Gear

Yes, you are correct when you assume that you need not be prepared to the similar level like our military. There are few of the gear that soldiers are provided with for circumstances which are beyond the extent of what most regular folks plan for. For example: circumstances such as chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.

Yet, soldiers do bring gear that is ideal for surviving natural failures and suited for different emergencies which are used by the civilians. The gear which is being spoken about helps them to prepare themselves for spending extended duration of time from the comforts of civilization. This is as right as a definition as any for ‘survival gear’.

Where Can You Find Military Surplus Survival Gear?

You will be amazed to know that military surplus gear is easily found online and you can also find it locally. Online, on websites like you may find a whole lot of this gear for sale and at auction you may find this on website like eBay. However, locally you may often discover this military surplus gear in thrift shops, national chains like the National Army Surplus Stores as well as in garage sales.

It is very important to note that there are many military surplus shops who sell gear which are not actually military surplus — alongside of the real military surplus gear. I truly suggest that it is good to find the equipment which is been made to military specifications, and not the one which is little more than a military gear knock-off. It is known that the military standards for their gear is generally lot better when compared to their civilian counterparts and knock-offs.

What Kind of Military Surplus Gear is suitable to use as Survival Gear?

Military Surplus Survival Gear — Army surplus poncho liner

The poncho liner is a good example of a piece of military surplus gear which is excellent for survival.
Some of the military surplus gear that’s out there is a wonderful selection for your survival clothing. For instance, it is much easier to seek out poncho liners, BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniforms) wet weather ponchos, and field jackets.

Other categories include:

  • First Aid Gear such as fully stocked Medic Bags.
  • Molle Gear (pronounced MOLLY) such as Molle Assault Packs, and Molle Tactical Assault Vests.
  • Military surplus ammo cans are fire, air and water proof. The .50 Cal Ammo Boxes are of a good size for all types of preparedness projects.
  • Modular Sleep Systems, cold weather gear etc. This list can go on and on!
  • Shelters like the Bivy Sleeping Bag Coverthe old dependable Shelter Half.
  • MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat). Amazon has MREs which are the real deal…not civilian knock-offs.
  • Alice Packs and LBE Vests (Load-Bearing Equipment).
  • Military surplus water carriers like the French Aluminum Canteen. These are not just of a higher quality than the American plastic counterpart but they are able to hold more water as well.

Military Surplus Survival Gear – Conclusion

With your extra efforts on finding out more on this, you will discover that military gear is the best which helps in surviving in any kind of environment.  I actually have seen surplus gear which is used in extreme cold environments, hot desert environments and everything in between. It is necessary to tailor your survival gear and clothing to your local environmental extremes and have the most appropriate gear packed in your bag always. When there is any change in the season, rotate your gear.

It is noticed that there lot many items relating to military surplus which are good to use as survival gear. But, I recommend that do not get stuck on just buying the military surplus survival gear from your country only.  You will even get to know about the countries that make the best quality gear as well.


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