Kershaw 1670S30V Blur Knife Review

There are a few qualities that make up a good knife, and the Kershaw Blur Knife encompasses them all. It offers excellent construction from high-grade materials. It is the perfect length and is easy to use.

A good knife can be one of the most important tools you have in your everyday life. They can help you with a huge number of tasks each day. And the Kershaw is arguably the best on the market in 2016.

Speed Safe Ambidextrous Opening System

Whether you are a southpaw or right handed, the Speed Safe Ambidextrous feature helps you to get this great knife open with one handed operation. This can be a very important feature when you are in the midst of doing something and you can only get one hand free. The operation is smooth and works well every time you use this feature.

Easy Grip Trac-Tec Handle

Never lose your grip even in wet conditions with the Easy Grip Trac-Tec handle. This great design makes it easy to hang on to it when your hands are wet. This important feature can come in handy in many different conditions.

Features and Specifications

The Kershaw Blur Knife offers some great features:

  • A reversible pocket clip for extra comfort.
  • A locking frame to keep it fully engaged when open and securely closed when not engaged helps to maintain safe use.
  • The patented Speed Safe system which allows you to open the blade with just a little pressure to the thumb stud.
  • The blade length is an ideal 3.38 inches long.

It has all the features you could want, and it is designed by the renowned Ken Onion, you know that quality is there.

Consumer Opinion

The Kershaw Blur has excellent design features like the patented Speed Safe system which makes it super convenient to use. The design and the high-quality construction both play equals roll in making this a consumer favorite.

A small group of folks have complained about the tightness of the belt clip, but that will correct itself with use. One other complaint, albeit only a few reviewers mentioned the blade could have been sharper out of the box.


It’s a great blade that has a great design that is highly recommended by just about everyone that owns one. The action is smooth, the knife is durable, and it looks great to boot! We recommend that you add it to your collection; it is an exceptional option.


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