Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack Review

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The Switchback is Hazard 4’s sling pack backpack advertising. It is publicized as having “star quality,” and keeping in mind that I have got to say I rarely put much stock in promoting, for this situation they were not clowning.

I have never possessed a backpack that was as positively doused in MOLLE straps as the Switchback. Indeed, the main part on the rucksack that does not have particular straps is the huge velcro rectangle on the upper front segment of the bag, ideal for any patches you might need to flaunt. While some may feel the sheer number of MOLLE straps is a little overkill, I think impartially, I would prefer having an excessive number of alternatives than excessively few.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack Review

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack Review

The Hazard 4 Switchback is misleadingly estimated at 18 inches L x 11 inches W x 6.2 inches D (46 cm x 28 cm x 16 cm), which gives it a hypothetical conveying limit of 20.1 L. I for one feel this pack has a place in the class of a 3 day urban go sack. It can deal with a strange measure of rigging and after pressure turns out to be anything but difficult to deal with. I discover the shape perfect for boosting absolute conveying limit, instead of the regular “egg” molded rucksacks, which truly confine the sort of things you can fit in your pack.

This is really my first sling-sort backpack. I had a few anxieties identified with the solace of the pack, yet any worries I had vanished after observing the sheer measure of cushioning used. The thermoformed back cushioning is 1 inch thick, with incredible trim and ventilation. The straps likewise have brilliant cushioning, yet cushioning on the straps is gentler, and has work rather than a nylon material as support. At last, this pack likely has the best cushioning I have tried out up until now.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Single Strap

It is somewhat odd (at first) to put on in case you are utilized to standard, two-strap backpack, yet it is anything but difficult to get used to. The weight appropriation is decent, perhaps superior to anything I expected considering I was not quite sure what to expect as far as that goes. The lower strap underpins your left shoulder. Give me a chance to state I do not miss customary backpack when I am wearing this. So I will say that strap modification is principal, and the more the Hazard 4 Switchback embraced my body, the more agreeable it progressed toward becoming. On the off chance that it is at first awkward for you, maybe you have to invest some energy getting the straps changed in accordance with the ideal level of snugness.

For more thrilling ladies, while it is impossible the outline will render the backpack totally awkward, it is presumably not exactly perfect (for reasons that are plainly obvious). Note, Hazard 4 has a comparable plan with two straps (the Hazard 4 Officer) in the event that you like the look of this one however like to go the two-strap course.

Discussing straps, the primary clasp or latch is strangely overbuilt; I am happy with giving it a strong bomb-verification rating. The locking switch or tab on the clasp is truly great as well. Activity is reassuringly fresh with no squirm or give.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Material

The fundamental material utilized is Cordura (marked Cordura, not some modest knock off). Mine is 500D due to the multicam cover design. On the off chance that you go for one of alternate hues (dark or coyote), those come in Cordura 1000D.

I have definitely no worries with respect to the strength of the 500D material. It feels extremely solid, yet I will refresh you in the event that I experience any issues with it. It ought to be noticed that the Switchback likewise accompanies some sort of water repellent covering (PU x2). By and by, I found that dirt essentially wiped itself off, leaving the sack looking fundamentally fresh out of the brand new.

One component I truly like and wish the sum total of what packs had is this neat rubber hood for both of the single zippers. It’s a clever element, and exceptionally valuable for lessening the chances of the paracord pull stalling out on a low hanging branch, and the compartment opening without you taking note. It just needs to happen once for it to demolish your trek, so credit for empowering an issue avoidance strategy, Hazard 4.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Compartments

The side compartment is wide, however profundity is restricted. Two or three power bars, a guide, and a compass would function admirably, yet I would not include any more than that. Try not to prompt over-burdening it.

The branding on the Hazard 4 Switchback is muted and uniform all through. I like that it does not scream its logo like mountaineering brands, but instead includes little twists sporadically both sides of the rucksack and within. No need to be brash to be conspicuous. Certainly a toning it down would be ideal circumstance.

The front compartment is crammed with small compartments for every one of those easily misplaced items that you need speedy and simple access to, however may get harmed if simply left free. I adore the supporting straps that stop the opposite side of the compartment from falling totally open. It is incredible to have the capacity to simply unfasten it and check your guide while strolling along, without the fear of everything dropping out of your pack.

Pockets, elasticated straps, and compartments aplenty. Sewing is pleasantly done, and I do not predict any tearing or ripping after proceeded with utilize.

The opposite side of the Hazard 4 Switchback highlights a clever straightforward sleeve. Initially, I thought it was a guide case (and it surely can be utilized thusly), however it’s size and capacity to utilize touchscreens without evacuating them makes it clear that iPads and different tablets are essentially asking to be set there. Let it be realistic, these days more individuals will convey a tablet with topographic maps and route courses pleasantly lit up as opposed to old fashioned paper maps.

I was not misrepresenting when I said the Hazard 4 Switchback had a lot of capacity compartments. Behind the essential sleeve it has a pleasant prudent compartment with velcro conclusion.

Peril 4 utilized the notable (and cherished) larger than average YKK zippers. The development is as tight as a shriek. The activity on the Hazard 4 Switchback is a genuine delight to utilize and I would not stress over-pressing. Question these zippers will fail on you.

The primary compartment is, as I specified, misleadingly extensive. It is intended to have the capacity to suit collapsing rifles and submachine firearms like the H&K G36C or the UMP. I for one cannot stroll around with a submachine weapon in my backpack, however for the individuals who are of the more high speed, low drag assortment, this is an eminent component.

The Hazard 4 Switchback likewise has a coincided compartment for those littler things. I truly adore how simple sorting out things is with this backpack. I for the most part do not trust work in particular, as I regularly discover it tears effectively, however I want to be agreeably amazed with this work, thus far so great.

Over on the top we have openings for hydration straws. Risk 4 promotes a hydration bladder limit up to 100 oz. or 3L, which is fundamentally the standard. Camelbak offerings will slide in without any issues.

The sleeve for the hydration bladder is inside the fundamental compartment of the Hazard 4 Switchback.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Sides

The sides of the fundamental compartment are perfect with velcro dividers and holsters. Any choices for maintenance are a plus, and I am sure administrator’s value having the capacity to keep equips reliably in a similar spot, particularly in high anxiety circumstances.

There is a seepage hole through the base of the sack. Seeing as I do not consistently (read: ever) swim with my rucksacks, I cannot generally remark much on this, yet I will state that development is sufficiently tight that I do not question substance will stay dry notwithstanding amid an overwhelming precipitation.

The last compartment and the one specifically on your back is a tablet sleeve. It is the ideal size for 15 inch Laptop. Elise’s Macbook Pro was flawlessly sheltered in it, on account of the phenomenal cushioning used – no requirement for an optional Laptop case to slip it into before going clinched. Awesome work Hazard 4.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – MOLLE Straps

On the off chance that each one of the compartments offered sufficiently are not for you, by all methods append a greater amount of them. I tried out the MOLLE straps with a MOLLE perfect pocket, and connection was secure with no squirm or distorting as can regularly happen if the MOLLE straps are not sewed symmetrically. The straps on the Hazard 4 Switchback have the most overbuilt sewing I have seen so far. Much superior to the Condor E&E sack I looked into beforehand, and that sewing was truly damn overbuilt.

High quality and overbuilt is by all accounts the general pattern on the Hazard 4 Switchback. The D-ring connection point for the stabilizer strap is confirmation of that. I keep it joined to help in load circulation and to prevent the backpack from moving advances when inclining, however as should be obvious, it is removable for those of you who need a more streamlined set up.

The fundamental conveying handle on the Hazard 4 Switchback is exceptionally agreeable, with a decent vented elastic development. At the end of the day the sewing is to a great degree overbuilt, and regardless of the possibility that the backpack was overweight, I do not think you could constrain any tearing. The base of the pack likewise has a conveying handle, and keeping in mind that it is not as agreeable as the primary one, it is bounty tough.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Pressure Straps

The pressure straps on the Hazard 4 Switchback can likewise be utilized to secure tents, mats, and other tubular things to the pack. As said beforehand, solace is fabulous, with amazing weight dissemination, thus I wanted to wrench down on the pressure straps. It ought to be noticed that in the event that you secure the pressure straps on both sides, you should fix them before opening the primary compartment. By and by, I like this, as it is an additional piece of security, particularly valuable when voyaging. Should somebody have sticky fingers and attempt to get under the zippers while you are diverted, will feel it.

On the base of the side of the Hazard 4 Switchback there are likewise some level pockets for magazines or oar holsters.

At that point there are significantly more D-rings. I cannot monitor all the connection alternatives and their particular purposes, however that is positively something to be thankful for.

Simply look at all the measured webbing. Creative ability is the farthest point here. I truly think about what number of pockets one could attach to the Hazard 4 Switchback in the event that they needed to… challenge anybody?

The Hazard 4 Switchback is both my first Hazard 4 item, and my first sling-sort backpack. I truly did not know how I would feel about not having both shoulders upheld when I initially investigated the item, however in the wake of testing it out, I have got to say: consider me awed.

Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack – Conclusion

As far as comfort is concerned, this rucksack is shockingly better than expected. I can consider innumerable two-strap rucksacks that do not approach this level of comfort. The sheer number of connection alternatives and additional components can be somewhat overpowering, however as I have said some time recently, I would generally like to have excessively numerous choices over excessively few. What is really baffling is I continue going over the backpack and regardless of how often I take a gander at it, I truly cannot consider anything I would need to change.

Is the Switchback worth its cost? Completely. Incredible form quality with a tender loving care and components that warrants what is indubitably a top of the line item. It equals any semblance of a few backpacks in the $300-400 value range, and it’s under $200.

No hesitations, recommended.


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