Hazard 4 Backpack Review: Officer vs Switchback

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On the off chance that you have been around here for some time and the Hazard 4 Officer appears to be recognizable to you, it should. I surveyed its (practically) identical sibling last year, and today we are looking at the conventional or non-sling pack day pack alternative (what a sizable chunk!). I had elevated requirements in light of my general thankfulness for Hazard 4’s gear, and they surely did not frustrate.

In the event that you would prefer not to pursue whatever is left of the audit however need a fast yea or nay with regards to the Hazard 4 Officer versus the Switchback, then I will state that I have found the Officer either measures up to or surpass the Switchback in absolutely every category. They are both brilliant packs, however choosing a superior sack between the two; it is certainly got the opportunity to be the Officer.

Hazard 4 Backpack Review

Hazard 4 Backpack Review

Clearly this review will be somewhat derivative of my past Switchback survey, as the Officer is nearly a similar outline, with the real special case being a conventional strap arrangement on the back. So yes, quite a bit of what I thought about the Switchback will be echoed here, so keep that in mind.

Side By Side Comparison: Hazard 4 Officer vs Switchback

Investigate below to see a side by side comparison of the two packs. The Switchback is the sack on the left, while the Hazard 4 Officer is the pack on the privilege.

Aesthetically, the primary real contrast that I discovered striking (beyond the straps obviously) was the diverse size for the front compartment. On the Switchback, the front compartment seems to be an afterthought, practically like a removable pocket was joined to the front of the bag. On the Officer, nonetheless, the front compartment makes utilization of the whole size of the rucksack.

Actually, I very much want the outline of the Officer, as the additional space is both helpful and stylishly all the more satisfying to me because of its aesthetically in nature. There is unquestionably something engaging about a uniform, reason driven rectangle (the iPhone can bear witness to that).

The Officer appears to be less occupied or modern, and honestly I think of it as altogether better looking. This is an individual inclination, yet everybody I have asked has additionally agreed (counting Elise). Obviously, this is not even remotely to state the Hazard 4 Switchback is a ugly looking bag, increasingly that selecting the Hazard 4 Officer over it aesthetically is similar to choosing the prettier appearing to be identical twin – there is bounty to be happy about in either bag.

Hazard 4 Officer vs Switchback: Comfort

The conveying comfort can be summed up conveniently as magnificent. I have not gone on any broad climbs with it, as I got the Officer recently yet in light of load appropriation, strap comfort, and my past encounters with the Hazard 4 Slingpack, which has a similar cushioning on the back, I can securely say you won’t be baffled. The Officer will clearly observe many enterprises to come – it is quite recently the very most comfortable thing we own right now.

It is fascinating to hold the Officer by the top handle. You can truly value its size along these lines, as I think in pictures it can appear to be littler than it truly is. The measurements are essentially indistinguishable to the Switchback, with a general size of 18 inches L x 11 inches W x 8.3 inches D (46 x 28 x 21 cm), which to me is truly dead on ideal for a day pack.

Hazard 4 Officer vs Switchback: Value

With regards to value, make note that Hazard 4’s rucksacks are not modest. They cost plenty more than a $30 Walmart special, yet are by no means comparable to a regular backpack. It can be difficult to articulate what great engineering and excellent design can do. The belt strap, for instance, is fantastically simple to change in accordance with your abdomen estimate, has an overbuilt clasp (I don’t know how much load it can deal with, however I wouldn’t be astounded on the off chance that it could bolster my body weight), and pleasantly considered Velcro fasteners to adjust the length of the straps. Its little touches like these which truly make you acknowledge where the additional dollars go.

Talking about the belt/strap thingy, the support is extraordinary yet exceptionally strategic in nature. It is not subtle in the slightest, and while I get why they picked a larger than usual everything, I do think it can be excessive if you are attempting to go in incognito. Clearly, with my decision of cover example I could not have cared less much for that, yet I believe it is important that the development is pointed unequivocally at the strategic market, not that there is anything wrong with that!

As subtle as a heavy hammer to the face is a reasonable depiction as I would like to think. Emphatically soaked in M.O.L.L.E. associations, this is certainly not for elitist campers searching for an outing sack.

Hazard 4 Officer vs Switchback: Front Compartment

Following you will see the Hazard 4 Switchback (on the left) versus the Officer (on the privilege) again for a front compartment correlation. As you will promptly have the capacity to tell, the Officer’s front compartment being the full width of the pack gives you significantly more stockpiling, and I am completely enamored with it (particularly considering my fixation on stationary and the way that I jump at the chance to put electric lamps and blades in these sorts of pockets!). Significantly more valuable to have this full width front compartment, as I would like to think, and despite the fact that I like strapping a littler pocket under the front compartment of the Switchback (to include a removable injury pack, for example), I do think for most applications, the Officer has the high ground and a more stable plan.

My 2 cents obviously, however depends upon the sort of utilization you are anticipating escaping the pack. I personally once in a while end up strapping optional pockets onto my packs, and in these Hazard 4 packs’ case, I would be slanted to mount an injury pack on the belt in any case for less demanding access, rather than a front board, so the Officer’s compartment setup is immaculate positives for me.

The front pocket has a practically unreasonable measure of capacity. Two substantial compartments, one having a zipper and anther having an overlap over sleeve that can deal with any huge cellphone, including a Samsung Note or iPhone. Besides the plenty of sleeves for instruments, composing utensils, journals, multitools, and so on. Packing this sack right is fundamentally my concept of a decent time.

Choices are dependably a plus, and the Hazard 4 Officer conveys those choices to the table in spades.

I’m truly enthused about the little touches that Hazard 4 adds to their packs. The velco panels sewn in for keeping compartments to some degree shut, for example – a marvelous element! The Velcro panels are choice quality; I don’t see them destroying with use (as ought not to out of the ordinary at this value point, to be completely forthright).

Like the Switchback, the Hazard 4 Officer has a transparent sleeve for touch gadgets. Extremely valuable for tablets or route gadgets when in the field and you would prefer not to bungle around removing delicate hardware. It works great, as you can see below. I wish all backpack producers would offer this.

These days many individuals (myself included) rely upon electronic maps and on gadgets like tablets. Having the capacity to stop and check heading or position rapidly and effectively, and without taking a chance with any damage to your hardware is a colossal help that costs little to actualize, yet for reasons unknown is as yet uncommon in the business. So credit to you, Hazard 4, on actualizing these profitable personal satisfaction highlights into your packs.

Hazard 4 Backpack – Material

Hazard 4 has changed the material utilized for their liners since my Switchback audit. I for one truly like these “Consistent Quality Improvements” (as Spyderco would state), as I think they show that the organizations, and Hazard 4 specifically, have a feeling of pride in their item and will constantly redesign their items as new procedures and innovations are brought into the standard and can help improve their offerings. No preferred feeling to me over knowing an organization will remain by their items enough to overhaul them without being asked for – only for keeping their items being the best they can be.

The liners are doused in Hazard 4’s logo and go from undetectable to glossy contingent upon lighting conditions and edges. This is for inside liners only, clearly, as Hazard 4 has dependably obliged the stealth or strategic market, and therefore stays away from suffocating its customers in marking, which I also truly appreciate. Nothing more terrible that conveying a decent bit of rigging, however feeling like a mobile bulletin.

As should be obvious below, the logo on the liners is exceptionally unmistakable from the correct edge. Extraordinary assurance against forgers, as this is an entirely huge issue with top of the line backpacks. Something to be watchful for when obtaining Hazard 4 outfit!

On the off chance that you do have liners with invisible Jane materials, do not panic in any case. Verify when your sack was made. Late 2014 items ahead ought to have the more up to date stuff, while prior items won’t; they will have insides that resemble my Hazard 4 Switchback’s. If all else fails, simply contact Hazard 4 directly, and I am certain they would be cheerful to bail you out.

Rectangular outlines for backpacks have constantly sounded good to me. I will never comprehend “egg” molded alternatives, as so much space is squandered with essentially no advantages when the choice is made to compromise (joke totally planned!). The Hazard 4 Officer can pack a wicked measure of stuff in respect to its size, and much like the Switchback, it has a similar arrangement with those zippered work compartments for things that are probably going to move around.

Additionally like the Switchback, the Officer’s portable workstation compartment is class-driving in cushioning and security. It is pretty cracking wonderful and feels sufficient that on the off chance that it was sufficiently huge you should seriously think about utilizing it as a resting sack. High praise is in reality justified.

Deviously, Hazard 4 picked to put their exceptionally reflexive and a la mode inventory in the tablet segment of the sack with no genuine cautioning. It comes as a damn attractive amazement, which is really dishonest as I would like to think, as one may be enticed to buy basically everything in the inventory paying little respect to their money related circumstance. To be honest, a significant insensitive gesture to our wallets.

Hazard 4 Officer vs Switchback  – Depth

Another fascinating contrast between the Switchback (left underneath) and the Officer (directly beneath) is that the Officer has more depth. This is most likely because of its, as I would see it, prevalent full-sized front compartment. So essentially you get 4 M.O.L.L.E. connections per row rather than 3, which is great news for those of you who are dependent on pockets.

Other than that, the sides of these sacks are truly (amazingly) indistinguishable.

I mounted a blade sheath utilizing the MALICE cut pocket from the Benchmade Adamas; went on simple as pie. The connections are firmly sewed in and can deal with an extraordinary measure of constraint, which is consoling. As I specified some time recently, I do not personally utilize numerous – okay any – pockets on my sacks nowadays, yet choices are dependably something worth being thankful for, particularly very much actualized ones.

A few people online appear to have disliked how light the Cordura can be in the Camo editions of the Hazard 4 packs (500D rather than 1000D in the strong hues), however honestly I believe it is plenty sufficiently extreme. Yes, it is marginally straightforward, which can vex when you see the sewing, however following a time of utilizing the Switchback, it is still shake strong and the sewing is holding as well as ever.

Yes, 500D is not as extreme as 1000D, but rather it’s considerably lighter, so by the end of the day decision is yours. On the off chance that you should have super substantial obligation stuff, then go for strong shading. On the off chance that, similar to me, you incredibly esteem lightweight development, then the 500D will be the best pick.

Tell me in the remarks what your considerations on 500D versus 1000D Cordura are, as I probably aware this can be a divisive subject.

Another distinction between the Switchbacks (turned around the request this time, too bad! It is the sack on the privilege) and the Officer are the material and example utilized for the associations. The Officer is completely 500D Camo, while the Switchback has the thicker stuff. It ought to be specified, however, that on the Officer, the connection material is multiplied over and the sewing is sewn utilizing crisscross join runs (bar-attaching) which won’t tear out like straight fastens (according to their promoting – which I completely accept in light of my encounters).

The weight-bearing areas additionally get box and “x” sewing, so it is unquestionably worked considering solidness. I think many individuals can have automatic responses to the decision of utilizing more slender material like 500D without really taking care of or testing them face to face. I 100% believe it is exceptionally flexible to any harm, and I do not consider 1000D to be putting forth noteworthy focal points contrasted with the weight sparing qualities of 500D.

Keep in mind, the material itself is by all account not the only thing that matters – got to mull over who makes it (this is marked Cordura with 2 layers of polyurethane) and how it was sewed. I can state that in view of my encounters, most issues experienced with packs and durability relates to the quality of the sewing, not to the material utilized.

Let me know if you agree!

Another advantage of utilizing 500D Cordura connections is that the material is significantly all the more sympathetic to tight MALICE or M.O.L.L.E. cut pockets. I like that I can utilize more torsion with far less force when strapping pouches on.

Hazard 4 Backpack – Style

Style-wise, I believe most would agree Hazard 4 has another winner on their hands. It is strategic but then sufficiently satisfactory to general society that I would be happy with utilizing this pack as my portable baggage when voyaging. A positive in addition to in my books!

The Hazard 4 Officer checks all the boxes you would expect as far as quality equipment and materials, additionally goes past by offering an outline that is astutely built with little idiosyncrasies and components that, separately, do not have a gigantic effect, however collectively make you completely welcome the estimation of a top of the line pack.

I do not see myself constantly backpedaling to military surplus alternatives like the ALICE packs or less expensive offerings from standard brands once more. The Officer has destroyed my desires (and I thought the Switchback was great…), so I’m quite recently not going to try backpedaling.

Yes, it is costly. I’m not denying that. Way off the mark. Nobody can take a look and the sticker price and think “Well…That is a significant spending alternative!” Not conceivable. In any case, if it is between purchasing a spending pack and purchasing a pack that I adore utilizing, feels lightweight, is high caliber, and is practically ensured to last me perpetually on the off chance that I take great care of it, I’m picking the more costly, higher-end pack. In addition, it is one astounding approach to spare storage room space.

Hazard 4 Backpack – Conclusion

I would suggest the Hazard 4 Officer over the Switchback, even paying little mind to the straps (the element that most separates these two packs). Construct essentially in light of the prevalent front board offered by the Officer, which is a more consistent plan; I’d eventually wear the Officer over the Switchback any day.

Unfortunately, this Hazard 4 Officer is sexy to the point that it has as of now been guaranteed by my dazzling spouse. Subsequently, I will have to be conveying the Switchback until I at long last do what needs to be done and get myself my own Officer, however it will likely be a dark one by then, with the goal for us to not coordinate excessively when we wind up utilizing these simultaneously in public (which I am 100% certain will happen).

Could not state it enough:  recommended.


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