Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener Review

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In the blade fan and fan circles, we jabber about blades, however seldom we delve deeply into discussion of knife sharpeners. This has constantly struck me as very odd. We will burn through a great many dollars on cutlery (once in a while just on one blade!), yet infrequently go into what is required to upkeep said blades.

With regards to sharping, I as a matter of fact am somewhat of a blended pack. I’m glad utilizing devices on both closures of the honing range: from present day and mechanical with 2×72 belt processors, to running genuine old fashioned with Japanese waterstones. I quickly investigated the Wicked Edge stage, however truly, the cost frightened me off.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener Review

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener Review

The Hapstone Pro sharping framework is dragging me into this universe of contraptions, and while I have reservations over how tedious this setup is to utilize viably, I can’t deny the outcomes. I spent 20 or so minutes doing an essential test on my Spyderco UKPK and the outcomes were to a great degree amazing.

In the event that you have seen the Edge Pro framework, you know the amusement here. The sharpener is fundamentally an inclined stage with a controlling bar that holds rough stones.

All things considered, it is all in the detail. Not all frameworks are made equivalent, and Wicked Edge being beneficial while charging $850 bucks is demonstration of that reality. A dependable platform that produces outrageous outcomes will discover a fan base regardless of the cost, and practically, while I cannot legitimize $850 bucks for a sharpener – I can see individuals with extremely rare customs not giving the price a second glance!

In any case, enough of the Wicked Edge – the Hapstone Pro is fortunately not that costly, and while it is still not cheap, I think the development and general list of capabilities make this sharpener a truly incredible esteem item, things being what they are. The cost? $200 bucks for the bare bones version, with significant increases based on optional stones you may want thrown into the mish-mash. Not the kind of purchases one makes spontaneously, yet certainly in safe domain (and let’s be realistic, about the cost of one of those titanium framelocks in your collection.

Hapstone Pro Manual Knife Sharpener – Build Quality

Immediately, the fabricate nature of the Hapstone Pro is ridiculous. This is a Russian composed and delivered item, and I would rather not be the person with the generalizations, yet… it appears. We are talking bomb proof people. When it landed via mail, I was confounded by how overwhelming the bundle was, and pondered what on earth they’d packaged in!

This is one overwhelming, substantial bit of pack. Accuracy machined steel and aluminum parts in abundance – this ain’t a shoddy plastic toy. I don’t believe it is truly conceivable to break this thing, and Hapstone is very upbeat to furnish you with a constrained lifetime guarantee hence; it is next to no hazard for them all things considered. The main way the Hapstone Pro will endure disappointments is if you shoot it, and still, at the end of the day, large caliber only!

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Assembly

Assembly was really clear and Hapstone provide a set of tools (attractively held; pleasant touch) on the base of the sharpener. Took around 5 minutes simply coordinating parts with the photo on the front of the manual. No issues at all. Each piece of the Hapstone Pro is machined pleasantly and everything fits together superbly.

I considered (for a brief instant) experiencing each part independently for this survey, yet then I recalled that I esteem both my sanity and my perusers’ understanding. Obviously, it is a complicatedly basic structure. When it is gathered, it is practically wonderful in its straightforwardness, yet you are managing many bobs and pieces to slot together initially.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Black Rubber Rectangle

That black rubber rectangle on the end? It is the place where the sharp edge in the eventually sits. It is a rubber treated magnet base, and I was past inspired with how well it functioned. The orange plate can be utilized to cinch the edge into place, and while I did that for this review, truly, for a light EDC organizer it is not an essential. The magnet is sufficiently solid to deal with most sub 4 inch cutting edge blades without taking a chance with any wobble (in any event as far as I can tell).

As I was assembling this overbuilt chunk, I started to muse about desires. This from multiple points of view is the way I envision a MiG designer would wrench out a blade sharpener. It is so overwhelming duty, but so exact, that I got myself awed even before utilizing the device. Take the bar in the photo underneath. It screws into the base and afterward they included a nut. Not a little nut, an overwhelming obligation one, just to ensure this thing is super strong.

With regards to imperfections (perceived or else) I feel the general feeling of Hapstone’s reasoning was that they could just overbuild it. Everything is recently so strangely strong that I wind up taking care of my Japanese waterstones feeling just as they are a dab lightweight, and not sufficiently vigorous. As a prepper, I think this is practically the most overbuilt exactness honing framework you can purchase which has intrinsic interest – it can fit over a 100+ unique stones, including the Apex Edge ones. Its flexibility, while keeping up tight resiliency and exactness, is the kind of thing I think preppers and “lifetime tool” individuals will rotate towards.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Guiding Nut

In spite of the way things look in photos, the guiding nut (I can’t think about a superior approach to portray it) is in reality flawlessly focused once it is introduced. Truly shrewd plan choice there. The nut is likewise encased in seems to be a giant phosphor bronze bushing/sheath. Not certain if it merits talking about, but rather I locate these little points of interest intriguing, and it positively legitimizes the cost for me. In the event that the sum total of what I had was two bars and a base with no visible complexity I would be unable to state this is worth $200+, regardless of the possibility that the execution was shake strong.

It is an odd thing to consider on the grounds that most likely execution ought to be the only thing that is in any way important, however materials and complexity does forces one to re-assess “esteem.” Take the CRKT Drifter for example. The resistances and execution are blameless (at any rate in my case) but then it is a sub $30 cut, which to me is great esteem. In any case, imagine a scenario where it was evaluated at $200. At that point it would be a major no-no for me. However in the event that you made the scales out of titanium and tossed in a favor letter set steel, it would mystically progress toward becoming “justified, despite all the trouble.” It is innocent to be a commentator and imagine we are unprejudiced to social observation. “Feel” and materials matter, regardless of the possibility that they do not add much to execution in the fabulous plan of things, and the Hapstone scratches off the greater part of my assumptions of how a $200-300 sharpener ought to feel, even before I begin to put an edge on my blade.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Wood Handle

All amassed, would she say she isn’t lovely? Decent wood handle for the essential pole and stunning shading plan all through. It is extremely proficient looking instead of the slurry of plastic Edge Pro thump offs we have seen everywhere recently. This looks and feels like the genuine article.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe version accompanies an electronic edge estimation add-on (which you can likewise purchase independently). Mine is the rendition without it, and to be perfectly honest, it is not something I fixate on. This review may have all the earmarks of being shockingly unprofessional, yet I have honed truly a huge number of blades and I am very glad to eyeball the points myself. You will see that I do not considerably try to sharpie the edge up (the sharpener accompanies a marker for the edge and its utilization is prescribed). This is an individual inclination and honestly it is non-ideal, yet that is the way I get things done, no apologies.

The pole that holds the pole (heh) accompanies machined markers for some preset points. I kept mine at the 22 degree setting according to the manual and the outcomes were agreeable for an underlying test. Clearly, as time passes I will experiment further, however I think 22 degrees for an ordinary folder is a strong decision.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Sharpening Oil

Hapstone gives a bottle of sharpening oil. Presently I know this will make some open deliberation, however personally I disdain utilizing sharpening oil. I would say, on the off chance that you put sharpening oil on a stone, you need to actually heat up the stuff out in the event that you ever need to go dry or utilize water a while later. On the off chance that you begin off with water you can change to oil at a later date – nothing should have been done to the stone in the middle. My advice is to stick to water with a pinch of cleanser blended in.

You can likewise run the stones dry for the lower corn meal, however actually I stick to water, as I like the slurry it creates. As somebody who begun off utilizing waterstones, old habits extremist I guess!

Gritomatic educated us that the bottle of oil provided is really not to the stones, but instead, to grease up the turn unit with. It is fabricated by Brunox.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Stones

The stones I have are the Silicon Carbide ones. Gritomatic (the retailer that sent me the Hapstone Pro to survey) offers an outrageous measure of choice with cowhide strop, glass stones, Japanese waterstones, diamond stones, and aluminum oxide stones (made in the USA by Boride Abrasives). The stones provided are made in Russia, and are pre-lapped (express gratitude toward God, I have zero enthusiasm for lapping Silicon Carbide stones out of the case), and I would say are to a degree high as per the review.

Silicon Carbide is the ideal decision (outside of diamond) for present day PM steels, as they expel metal immediately, even at higher hardness (60+ HRC).

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Magnet

Now back to the magnet. It is strong, as I specified some time back. No issues utilizing only the magnet to hold the cutting edge set up, despite the fact that the brace is there on the off chance that you want or need it. I hate to rehash myself, yet the fit and finish on the Hapstone Pro is truly something. It is reassuringly substantial, and utilizing this apparatus is exceptionally satisfying. Nothing more terrible than generally machined handles on an accuracy instrument, however fortunately Hapstone focused on all subtle elements (from what two or three weeks with it has shown me).

Prepared to shake, sharp edge is supported in the right position. I picked the UKPK on the grounds that it required honing, yet this device can deal with essentially any measured blade, and even hatchet heads. The base is heavy to the point that mounting a 9 inch chopper like my Ontario Marine Raider Bowie would not be an issue in terms of stability.

Opening the stones in is insignificant. Spring lock and a practically ludicrous hypothetical length limit. This could fit 6 inch Japanese waterstones effortlessly with how larger than usual the bar is (travel separation would not be an issue), and the quality of the spring would cheerfully hold it set up. I do not care for restrictive frameworks, as having a costly sharpener, however no reasonable stones accessible annoys me. With the Hapstone Pro sharpener, it is never going to happen. Yes, you could stick to purchasing every one of your stones from Gritomatic, yet there is zero commitment to do as such and I like that.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Stone Options

When I say options, I truly mean this thing can bolster a large number of stones, from Spyderco to KME, to DMT, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The rundown is perpetual. Is it 4 crawls to 8 inches and rectangular? At that point it is a choice, and choices are great my friends!

The spring is not taunt to the point that you cannot snappy change the stone. It is a strong bargain as far as convenience, and I have zero complaints.

The manual prompts pulling the stones far from the edge. I know a few people contrast on this, however I am slanted to concur, and this is the thing that I did. For you (my brilliant perusers) I remained in that position to give you a superior thought of what it would seem that “in real life.” In practice, far from my wife’s camera, I would confront the blade edge on, and not remain behind it. Not that this is a perilous approach to hone. Not at all like the Wicked Edge with its double gave activity, I generally feel in charge. Yes, it is slower going, yet I require not ever stress over getting cut.

A decent crisp edge at a low coarseness. Even and smooth from the ricasso to the tip of the blade. As somebody who can rush when honing on a waterstone, it is extremely wonderful to see such a uniform outcome. You can get some symmetrical mirror edges with this stage – ideal for all you are flaunting on-Instagram needs (I have seen those photos, do not you deny it).

Flip the blade to the opposite side, and rehash with all grits as required. I would inform keeping track with respect to what number of “pulls” you have done on each side so the edge is even. This is particularly vital with abrasives like Silicon Carbide, as it is frightening how rapidly you can eat away steel.

I am one of those individuals who considers knife honing to be an unwinding side interest. There is something extremely liberating in giving all your mental vitality to accomplishing a particular objective. It is pleasant approach to shut out whatever is left of the world. I was stressed that utilizing the Hapstone Pro sharpener would be excessively clinical looked at, making it impossible to simply utilizing a waterstone, yet personally I thought that it was exceptionally wonderful to utilize such an exact gadget using basic movements.

There is a philosophical lesson to be realized there. Something about a young lady called Zen and how you ought to endeavor to invest energy with her.

Brisk change to a higher coarseness. You do not have to go through each and every coarseness, except I did in light of the fact that this is a survey. Outside of this review I would go 400, 600, 1000, artistic, lastly, cowhide strop. My unit did exclude better cornmeal than 1000 (unfortunately) so I cannot remark on that. I would have enjoyed a ceramic stone as well as a calfskin strop to give me that super gleaming outcome.

Hapstone Pro Knife Sharpener – Slurry

Keep in mind to always wipe off the slurry when changing stones. You do not need those grating particles to blend in with various corn meals. Imagine the slaughter a 220 coarseness slurry would do to a 1000 coarseness stone? Eek.

As should be obvious beneath, the slurry heaps on pleasantly over the edge – that is the main visual criticism I utilize. I know a few people go hard and fast and utilize a marker on the edge so they can perceive the amount they have expelled, however I figure I am old fashioned and simply run with what my eyes, fingertips, and gut tell me.

Up to a 1000 coarseness, 20 passes on the final stone (10 on the past ones) each side, and it was hair shaving sharp. It took all of 15 minutes and the edge was flawlessly uniform and extremely sharp.

However, I pursue that mirror bling, so out came the strop, and after a couple passes, it unquestionably enhanced the cutting execution (barely) and the tasteful of the edge (essentially). I do not know why, however I need my edge to reflect light like all the cool children’s blades on Instagram. I know its turn out to be ever so vogue over the previous decade to look for tasteful predisposition rather than execution; however I will be doomed in the event that I have not been suckered in.

A while later substantially more pleasant. Tragically the focal point Elise has on her 5D check II (the 50 mm 1.8) does not prefer to center very close, so until the hot new (to us) 24 mm 1.4 choice we just ordered arrives (which is not a full scale, however hello, ought to be better!), this is as close as you will get, and you should take me on my world that this is a pretty edge.

When you are done, tidy everything up quickly with a tissue, and you can dismantle the sharpener for capacity, or like me, simply keep it in the wardrobe prepared to go (in light of the fact that, how about we be genuine, for a sharpener it is pretty and doubtlessly you will utilize it enough to make reassembly a lot of a hassle).

I would state it is practically similar to a bit of mechanical present day craftsmanship. Later on I may store it on a rack, and I can anticipate that guests will be curious as to what this contraption seems to be. I know the way it looks is optional (by an enormous edge) to its execution, however I truly do value the development and materials utilized.

Hapstone Pro Manual Knife Sharpener – Conclusion

The Hapstone Pro is an Edge Pro on steroids. The build is bombproof strong – something you would unquestionably anticipate from detail-oriented Russians and the cost is (as I would see it) to a great degree great incentive for what you get.

This is not the kind of stage where you pay an enormous increase for restrictive innovation or manufactured shortage – you certainly get your monies’ worth, and on the off chance that you are in the market for an exactness sharpener that will outlast you (and the planet after WWIII), however with the advantage of adaptability through crazy stone decision, then this is a strong suggestion.

As somebody who has machined stuff on a CNC machine before, I think that it is difficult to prescribe alternatives like the Wicked Edge due to is exorbitant cost in respect to materials and machining time. I cannot stomach it. Be that as it may, with the Hapstone Pro sharpener, I can feel where the cash is going, which has a colossal effect (at least for me).

As of now, you can just lift this up from Gritomatic. I am almost sure you can purchase through Amazon, as they appear to have a posting up there, yet in the event that you cannot, stop by their site in case you are occupied with getting one (it may wind up being less expensive buying that way, in any case)


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