Eton Road Torq Review – Roadside Emergency Light Pros Cons

If you landed here my guess is you’re looking for a Eton Road Torq Review! You’re in the right spot.

Something that I noticed instantly up researching the Eton Road Torq is how well built it is. It has a heavy duty aluminum milled crank with super-efficient cranking components.

This means that, in essence, you will be cranking less and enjoying light for a lot longer. You will be very challenged to break this crank. A less demanding light source would be considered something like the Waka Waka Solar Lamp but also very reliable.

Eton Road Torq Review

eton road torq review

The Road Torq is a very handy device and if light is needed for a long period of time, it does its job.

I tested it at night, placing the light on the ground, and aiming the swiveling head to point the light directly at the screws on my license plate frame. It worked wonders, and I do believe I will be keeping it in my trunk.

As for the light itself – it has a tight focused beam that was very bright at 90 lumens. For its price range of $40-50, it is a very good light.

Eton’s Assertion

2 Minutes of cranking = 15 minutes of LED light and flashing beacon

TSFR’s Findings

2 Minutes of cranking = 15 minutes of LED light and flashing beacon

Eton Road Torq Pros

  • Cree LED – 90 lumens of power
  • 3 LED flashing beacon
  • Retractable legs for stability, reflectors on each leg for visibility
  • Adjustable head for hands-free use
  • Powerful turbodyne crank technology, with aluminum hand crank
  • 2 lighting modes; light on only and light on with blinking beacon
  • Plugs into car cigarette outlet if you don’t want to hand crank

Eton Road Torq Cons

  • A little pricey at $40-50
  • 7″ tall by 2.5″ thick, better for the trunk than my already filled glovebox.

Survival Conclusion

This is a very nice automotive light for the variety of reasons as stated above. In addition, who wants to be in need of a flashlight only to find out it is dead? As for and addition selling point, Cree LEDs are great. They are a high quality LED that puts out some great light. Along with the hands-free flexibility, I’d have to say that this flashlight will remain with me either in my trunk or workspace.


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