Survival Gear – The EDC Bag Checklist

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The EDC Bag (Every Day Carry Bag) is a day sack loaded with the apparatus you carry each day. These packs are only an unnoticeable day pack like everybody carries in the city… the, main contrast for survivalists is they have survival gear in them. On the off chance that you don’t know, a day bag (or pack) is a lightweight small pack that is taken with you wherever you go.

The EDC Bag Checklist:

EDC Bag Checklist

The EDC Bag can be a tactical bag or any old bag you want.

Think about the fanny pack, the courier sack, or whatever other little rucksack that can convey your everyday needs. Presently think about that being loaded with some essential survival outfit. These packs are for the most part to help you return home in an emergency.

The survival gear agenda for an EDC pack ought to incorporate the basics for survival. You could run with the absolute minimum of survival gear; yet including the basics won’t hurt either. That way when you confront an emergency, you will be better arranged.

Some suggested items to include in your EDC Bag Checklist:


This is important, particularly in atmospheres that get cold.

  • A simple space blanket or Bivy Sack will shield you from the wind and cold and could spare your life when it is bone chilling outside. Both are lightweight and don’t consume up much room. Since it takes up the minimum room, the space blanket is a superior fit for the butt pack, if that is your pack of decision.
  • Add a poncho to make into a shelter to protect against wind and rain.
  • Some 550 Paracord will help a considerable measure when assembling your shelter.
  • Duct tape will help repair it.
  • Having a Cold Steel Shovel is always a huge plus when putting together your living area.

Food and Water:

  • Pack some nourishment bars or something comparative.
  • Include some water refinement tablets.
  • A container or Nalgene water bottle loaded with water.
  • A P-38 can opener for when you luck out and discover a few jars of nourishment.
  • A Spork will come in extremely helpful as well.
  • Some catch wire to help you get a protein supper.
  • A Yo-Yo angling reel to catch some fish.

First Aid:

  • Include a fundamental pocket-sized medical aid unit inside your pack. There are a few delicate sided medical aid packs accessible for procurement, or you can put your own unit.
  • If you are assembling your own units then first figure your necessities, and how huge of a kit you can incorporate into your sack.
  • In an Altoids tin you can put a few Band-Aids, a few clean wipes, a couple of pills, for example, Tylenol, and still have a little space to save.


  • You need a good led flashlight and I prefer the magnificent Fenix PD31.
  • Headlamps are likewise a decent decision and come in extremely convenient when you require your hands allowed to deal with something oblivious. Beyond any doubt you can hold a spotlight in your teeth; however you will be significantly quicker and more productive with a headlamp. Also, you look senseless with an electric lamp in your mouth with dribble trickling from your jaw!
  • Don’t overlook additional batteries.
  • A couple of 12 hrs. Light sticks will be another smart addition to your unit.

Fire Starter:

  • Always have an approach to begin a fire. Many individuals dependably convey a lighter with them.
  • Other great fire-starters are waterproof matches, and a Fire steel.
  • A light or a couple of strong fuel tablets will help you set up the fire in sodden circumstances.


  • In the event that the power goes out, the MasterCard machines won’t work. I recommend $100-$200 money.
  • In the event that you truly need to be prepared for a SHTF situation… for example on the off chance that the economy breakdown… you can have a small stash of 1965 US silver coins in your sack. The dimes, quarters, and half-dollars made in the USA before 1965 are 90% silver and ought to be exceptionally important if paper cash loses its esteem.

Knife and/or Multitool:

  • I like to convey both a survival knife and a multitool in light of the fact that a few jobs require a greater cutting edge and others simply require the devices.
  • On the off chance that you have never conveyed or assembled an EDC Bag then an opportunity to do as such is now. They are lightweight and have just enough gear in them to help you return home in an emergency. Every EDC Bag that I have ever observed is continually advancing however… they change and receive to the needs of the owner. I suggest you begin small and work your way up… and mess around with the procedure!

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