CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife Review

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To make an effort for full disclosure, I would like to acknowledge from the start of this review that even though I do have a considerable amount of experience with knives, I literally have relatively less experience filleting fish by comparison. Therefore, my remarks on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf are comparatively amateurish in the domain of fish filleting; however, I will also be talking a lot about the general weaknesses and strengths of the Surf N’ Turf as a knife, which I know a lot more about. All that being said, on to the review.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife Review

CRKT Surf N' Turf Knife Review

Let’s begin with the obvious. This knife is really huge. It has got a 12.7 cm (5 inch) long blade, and in spite of that for its gigantic size its relatively light, this doesn’t really take away from just how gigantic the knife is. If the picture is not sufficient for a suggestion, you really have to hold the knife to figure out the true scale of its 5-inch blade, particularly thinking of it as a folding knife. With that being said, it’s extremely exaggerated dimensions don’t prevent the knife from looking and feeling good. As any other knife this knife is comfortable.

The thumb stud position does not meddle with the sharpened section of the blade, which enables you to take it to a zero grind should you wish. Without thumb studs getting in the way the ability to sharpen your knife to any angle you wish should be an industry standard, so good job on this move, CRKT.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Pocket Clip

The knife handle tapers sharply towards the base of the knife, hence the pocket clip is tip down only, which is not a big deal since this knife was clearly never intended for everyday carry use.

Taking into account its purpose as a tool and its low-price point, the fit and finish is surprisingly great. Everything on the knife is even and fits solidly.

Reasonably, no one would ever mistake this knife for anything other than a nice folding filleting knife,with a 1.5 mm width it rings in super thin, has a generous amount of flex,and has a 5Cr13MoV blade that tapers down to a needlepoint. As a reference point, the exquisite Marttiini’s fish filleting knife has a comparable amount of flex in its blade.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Liner Lock

The liner lock has an early lock up and required a few flicks to wear in safely. I have obviously gotten those flicks in, this engagement is now rock solid.

In addition to a liner lock, CRKT also includes auto-lawks system, a secondary lock that prevents the liner lock from withdrawing until you pull down the red tab on the spine of the knife. Extra safety measure; can’t go wrong there.

The most disappointing aspects of CRKT’s Surf N’ Turf are the cheap scales in my opinion. From a distance cast plastic may look fine, and I have to agree it looks great in the pictures, however it simply doesn’t feel right in hand, and you can see how they make it to offer this knife for only 30 bucks.

Gratefully, CRKT is considerably attached to using screws, thus making it simple to just remove these handles provided you would like to attach some nice wooden scales instead. Replacing the handles ought to be pretty trivial to accomplish.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Size and Weight

In terms of its weight, even though it is light for its size, it’s still a beast of a knife at a solid 155 grams (5.5 ounces). Once again, with a 5 inch blade this may not seem like a lot for a knife, yet in my opinion it’s quite too much to EDC. I would keep it in a tackle box or a pack, and most likely never in my pocket.

That being said, the clip performs perfectly, and if I do say so myself, it looks rather great.

As should be evident by now,the full flat grind is lean and exclusively conceived to slice and fillet. Do not poke with this knife, it will flex and then snap. Exceptionally awful Idea. Furthermore, not what it’s meant for at all.

The adjust point on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf is neutral, light in the hand, and to use for extended periods of time it should not be tiring.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Finish and Fit

As mentioned earlier, the finish and fit was really good. Everything is centered and pretty much great.

For deployment, the thumb stud works fine. I will always prefer the flippers or Spyderholeyet as far as thumb studs go, this one is favourably executed.

Will both locks fail (seriously, to get both locks to fail I don’t want to know what you would have to be doing with this knife), as there is a very slight choil of sorts you might not lose any digits. Do not depend on it though.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Choking

Choking up on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf is extremely comfortable, however I really don’t know if you would ever need to do this with the knife, since I’m not all that experienced in filleting. Just tossing it out there in case anyone wanted to know.

You can truly get a good scale for how massive this knife is, when holding the grip neutrally.

And of course, on the other hand I just couldn’t resist giving it a shot in reverse grip. It is not advisable as a tactical knife but hell, it would absolutely work.

CRKT’s Surf N’ Turf is just $30. Before I start any sort of conclusion this should be emphasized because the price is simply mind boggling considering the size,utility, as well as the fit and finish of the knife. Yes, the steel could of course be better and the scales are a bit cheap, however the Surf N’ Turf is a steal for the price and its intended purpose.

It’s double locking system makes it very rare to withdraw without you purposefully intending it to, although the blade is massive, as far as safety goes, CRKT’s got you covered. Even though it can technically fit in pocket, it’s likely better to carry in a bag, as it is still a little heavy for a relatively light-for-its-size knife.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Knife – Conclusion

At last, despite the fact there is one lonely little three-star review on Amazon remarking that the lock on this knife does not work, it’s evident that the person who wrote that review does not really have experience in terms of knives in general. I have mentioned it earlier, and I’ll say it once more, the liner lock on this knife accompanies with an early lock up which has to be broken in before you areready to use it safely. After closing it and flicking it open a number of times, the engagement becomes rock strong and that “problem” with the lock “not working” will vanish.

So, if you are searching for an incredible folding fillet knife, high in quality and cheap in price, chances are you have got absolutely what you need in the Surf N’ Turf.


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