CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen Review

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Everyone have stylish writing instruments designed with all of the good qualities. And these all are expectations of very good pen, but there are more than that. James Williams former Army officer and material arts instructor, applied his design skill to the Williams Tactical pen.

The tactical pen is a high tech writing tool that can be used as a self defense administer if needed. CRKT Tactical pen actually looks like a normal pen. But you are actually carrying out undercover self defense tool.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen Review

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen Review

CRKT’s James Williams Tactical pen is unexpectedly manageable out of the box. It is awaited that it should be more tactile and more like glorified spike that could be used to write illegibly out a note. But its line are very clean with a common exaggerate hourglass shape.

James Williams pen has aluminium body, the suitable and finish body looks perfect. The body feels in the hand with its matte coat.

Overall length of James Williams pen is 6 inches. Diameter of the pen is 16mm.  And weight of the James Williams pen is 34 grams.

The design is almost screeches for you to use it in an ice pick clutch. The pocket clip is superbly curved for your pointer finger to relax enjoyable. It can see that plead from multiplier potential.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Advantage

Advantage of having tactical pen is tactical pen is still a pen and also it is self defense tool. CRKT James Williams tactical pen has two inch aluminium spike, which is used as a defensively. If someone ask that why James Williams pen looks like diplomatic then you can say that it is more of a decorative thing.

Convincing deniability of the instrument’s tactical implementation is an important reflection. In this politically correct world day to day safety is very important. A tactical flashlight is also self defense tool but James Williams Tactical pen is very good because it is beating in plain sight.

I personally felt the spike would be unbearable, it looks like it would push into brawn while in pocket. The clip of James Williams pen embraces pocket genially. Clip of the pen is very minute. There is no discomfort with this James Williams pen.

For self Defense experience in real world I do some experiment of this James Williams pen.  I tool a wood for that. I did beat attack some wood to test in any case applying the pen for its tactical approach would be comfortable. There is no vibration and painful felt. It was stabbing with thin handle knife. It is very easy to use.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Comparison

James Williams pen is looks like a normal pen. When I put James Williams pen next to Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain pen, James William pen is looks like a writing instrument both in terms of styling and size.

As I compared to the ESEE Izula with James Williams Tactical pen, the tactical pen is unexpectedly compact. It is really expected that a tactical pen to sprite all other everyday convey items in an almost comical fashion. CRKT James Williams pen boated the right balance between size and pliability. CRKT tactical pen alone justify anything else larger. I do powerfully feel that larger tactical different weapons so sort of work against themselves. Systematic pens are not huge and tactical pen is also not so enormous.

Consistent design of the James Williams pen is one of the favorite sides. In this tactical pen you have a very clean, minimal prong, very similar to the Cold Steel Throwing Spike.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Lid

The pen lid is discouraging in terms of sense. Lid sits securely on the pen, and there is no doubt that it perform flawlessly. But it does not provide a nice, hearten click when you close the pen. It is much like a good titanium frame lock.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Look

The CRKT Tactical pen is literally a damn lovely cylinder. If judgment is on tools and it concerned with beauty it will rank 10 on 10. James Williams design has an uncommon anxious understanding of what makes for clean, body style as a result.

There is the folding Hissatsu and also CRKT Hisshou, but the look of James Williams pen is very good. James Williams tactical pen has a signature look, that is very unique. This item is top of the line when it comes to tactical pen beauty.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Writing

The James Williams pen is very nice in writing. One can easily have written class notes using the James Williams pen. It is completely pleasant taking it to school.

The writing end of item is executed using a Fischer space pen insert, meaning the pen is very easy to fill again once you have used up all the ink.

The CRKT James Williams Pen, because of the slot, lays down a medium broad, smooth line that is quite proof everything. The Fisher insert can write at any perspective, meaning they can even literally be used in zero gravity up in space.

At the end of the day, it is real and confesses that one does not buy this pen for its writing capacity but for its tactical function.

This is the first tactical pen completely based on looks. CRKT Tactical pen is simply small, strong pen that could offer force multiplier abilities in a careful package.

CRKT Tactical Pen is a beautiful tool, and does not attribute any harsh spikes, bezels, or unpleasant super death ninja pen marking. The CRKT James Williams pen has executed functional minimalism in metal blade. CRKT Tao pen is also like CRKT James Williams Tactical pen.

The dispute preferred against carrying tactical pen is the belief that any pen can be tactical. I believe that there is added value in pen designed with tactical exercise in mind.

CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen – Conclusion

CRKT Tactical Pen is source of both toughness and possible injury. Tactical pens over regular pens really are nice supplementary.

The CRKT TPENWK James Williams pen is pleasant 6 inch aluminum spike that looks very good. It write very well for everyday use, and in a nip could be used to turn a rough incident in your approval. All this while remaining disguise on your person when it is not being used for its tactical applications. CRKT Tactical pen is like an economical insurance policy that can be carried with you wherever you go. It is also very good writing tool.


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