Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag Review

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When I went to South East Asia in 2008, I immediately understood that not all nations work as easily as those in the West. Infrequently prepares and planes get deferred for quite a long time, or outside toilets truly wind up being openings in the ground. Actually, when you are out on the town in another place, you never truly recognize what you will require with you, and keeping in mind that I attempt to not go over the edge and convey a large portion of my belonging with me, I do endeavor to be set up for those little inconveniences that tend to manifest when I would not dare hoping anymore.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag Review

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag Review

Condor’s Escape and Evade Bag has been my lone ordinary convey pack for around 3 years. You can guess by all the humiliating stains (I don’t know how the faded white ones got there), that I have worn this thing essentially as long and hard as any.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – The Updated Version

Condor is currently offering an updated version of it is Escape and Evade pack, one with a nifty map fold that mine did not accompany. The updated version is the thing that I link to on Amazon, and it comes in three colors, of which I have OD or Olive Drab shading choice. In every practical sense, this new form and the one that I possess are pretty much the same, with the only exception being the additional map flap on the updated version. Also, now onto the audit…

For me actually, if a sack is too expansive or ends up noticeably unwieldy to convey it should be pointless for EDC. I consider the greater and person pack to be a perfect trade off between a sack that is too substantial and too little. It is sufficiently vast to convey the basics, however little and sufficiently awkward that I will try to keep the quantity of things I have in it down.

Basically, on the off chance that I bore a backpack with me on a regular basis, the relative solace would enable me to wind up plainly a celebrated hoarder – why not convey every one of those additional things, the backpack remains agreeable after all! Messenger bags get control me over, fortifying the attitude that whatever I put in my bag, it needs to genuinely check and be valuable, which means I will not convey anything I feel I would not ever truly require.

I purchased the Condor E&E pack since it looked renegade, and furthermore appeared to be moderately extreme and very much built. The bag has various components that I will never utilize, for example, the radio receiving wire yield that you can see beneath of the bag, but generally, every one of the pockets and zips, for instance, I’ve worn this thing to its fullest.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Concealed Compartment

Condor’s Escape and Evade bag additionally includes a clever concealed compartment in the back. It was initially imagined to pack a hid sidearm carefully, as the inside is lined in Velcro; however I think that it’s ideal for putting away little knickknacks when voyaging. Make things less demanding, as I do not need to open the fundamental compartment. It would likewise be the ideal place to convey a map.

As should be obvious, this compartment is in reality entirely tactful when worn, and it is effortlessly gotten to. Amazing component!

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – MOLLE Straps

The E&E sack likewise brags a considerable measure of molle straps should you need to append any pockets. I utilize the straps to hold my Spyderco Endura and a paracord wristband. You may likewise notice there is a Velcro layer on the top portion of the bag, truly convenient for including cool patches.

Condor Outdoors’s Escape and Evade sack does looks really damn strategic, however it unquestionably does not look forceful. There is unquestionably a way of life related with bags, for example, these, yet I find that identity and how you introduce yourself has a greater amount of an effect than how mil spec your apparatus is. Keep that grin convenient for those curious gazes – you never know, you may even change over somebody to turning into a life hacker or prepper!

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Midriff Strap

Another element that I will essentially never utilize is the E&E sack’s midriff strap. I discover the strap really resists the reason for conveying an ambassador bag, which is that it is so natural to get on and off, yet it is a pleasant element, and I figure I like knowing it’s there on the off chance that I ever need it. I utilized some paper cuts (valuable in everyday life and additionally survival) to conceal the expansion to the side so that it is never in the way. I trust Condor alludes to this piece of the bag as the “smooth clasp.” It is only a clasp the extent that I am concerned.

The clasp for the midriff extender strap is super strong. On the off chance that the pack could deal with 50 kg of apparatus, I feel like the strap would in any case be alright (no guarantees, yet it truly seems it would take a frightening measure of weight to bring about any sort of tearing).

There is a velcro overlay for the conveying handle which is sewed into one of the handles. This makes it basic to just attach the two handles together, making it substantially less demanding to hold and including one additional well being safety measure that will keep the sack shut. This component is an awesome safeguard against pickpockets in metropolitan regions.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Internal Compartments

The E&E sack has 3 internal layers/compartments inside, other than the one disguised on the outside which I demonstrated you before. There are a lot of little pockets and versatile circles to hold those little things that dependably appear to become mixed up in less blessed bags.

The principle compartment is truly sensibly estimated. Utilizing the exceedingly exact metric of flavorful footlong subs, I would assess the primary compartment could serenely hold 10 foot long submarine sandwiches (not excessively stuffed, pretty much the normal measure of fixings).

There is additionally a removable divider that has a container holder. I should concede, I have never utilized it for something besides holding a crate of pills (Aspirin, Advil, Claritin, you know, the rudiments), yet again, it is pleasant to know it is there on the off chance that I need to utilize it.

The versatile circles are sufficiently enormous to convey your regular things, and not simply pens. I have mine conveying chapstick, a spotlight and a Bic lighter.

What is more, the last little compartment is mil radio-sized yet for more unremarkable uses, it will easily fit a scratch pad, cellphone and a couple pens over the lip.

The last compartment is moderately little as far as thickness. It is plainly intended for scratch pads, an international ID, archives, or whatever other kind of paper-based articles that are thin and long. The back is somewhat cushioned and I would feel totally great going with my chromebook in there.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Zippers

The zippers are super overbuilt and are really water safe. I would prefer not to state they are waterproof, as I uncertainty if submerged they would keep the water out, however I have strolled with it in horrendously wet conditions, with rain pouring down, and the internal parts have never gotten wet, so take that for what it is. No guarantees, yet in my three years conveying it, it is never been overcome by Canadian climate.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Material

Talking about overbuilt things, the material of the pack is a sort of Nylon reminiscent of the stuff Maxpedition and Camelbak utilize. On the off chance that I needed to, I would figure 600D Nylon, yet I do not have the correct specs so no guarantees on that. Simply believe me this bag is intense.

In a hefty portion of their photo, the pack looks greater than it is, for the most part in view of the edge the photos were taken at. For the record, the measurements of the pack are as per the following: 12″W x 10.5″H x 4″D. In the tissue, the pack is the ideal size, at any rate for my EDC needs.

It’s underneath certainly not very enormous for an EDC, in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you needed to stuff it you could figure out how to convey one serious parcel. I cannot accentuate how well this pack hangs considering how straightforward and conventional the outline is. I would bet the sheer width and overbuilt development has a considerable measure to do with that.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is to a great degree agreeable and very much cushioned with a pleasant non-slip covering within. In all my years of owning the bag, I would need to state it looks really close fresh out of the box new, other than those stains obviously. In spite of the fact that the sack is actually launderable, I would prompt quite recently running over grimy spots with a sudsy cloth. Ought to work similarly too.

Condor Outdoor Escape Evade Bag – Conclusion

This incredible regular conveys detachment pack is ideal for individuals who need a decent stockpiling alternative at a madly low cost. Considering the measure of utilization I have put into my own, I would firmly prescribe getting one.

The Condor E&E pack is ideal for go, as a return home bag, or for ordinary convey in your home city or town. My most loved element is certainly the sheer number of compartments, pockets and flexible circles that make it simple to compose and ensure your little protests do not sink straight to the base of the sack never to be discovered again.


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