Cold Steel Shovel Review

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Cold Steel Shovel Review

Cold Steel Shovel Review

My favourite is the Cold Steel Shovel, out of all of the weapons and tools that Cold Steel makes. The best survival shovel available in my opinion is the Cold Steel shovel. For their shovel, Cold Steel got their inspiration from the Soviet Spetznaz shovel and executed their vision with precision.

For the Special Forces (Spetsnaz GRU) of the former Soviet Army these Soviet shovels were developed. In Afghanistan they first observed the action where the soldiers sharpened all four edges and utilized this shovel for battling as well as digging.

US troops have utilized entrenching tools in every major war since World War I. At least one American soldier, Melvin L. Brown, received the Medal of Honour for heroic actions. This included dispatching the enemy with his entrenching tool. Utilizing them in battle is nothing new.

The Cold Steel Version of the Spetsnaz Shovel

An improved version of the Soviet designed shovel using more durable and better material is the Cold Steel shovel. Cold Steel is well known for taking a good idea from another part of the world and making an amazing product out of it.

Because the shovel head is 30% thicker The Cold Steel version of the Soviet shovel weighs about 27 ounces, which is around six ounces heavier than its Soviet counterpart. Generally the dimensions of the two shovels (both are around 20” long) are almost identical.

The Cold Steel shovel is made up of heat treated medium carbon steel which is thicker and harder than the Spetznaz shovel. The Soviet shovel is made up of low to medium air cooled steel. The Cold Steel head is 2 mm thick and is 6” wide. The steel is covered by a nice thick coat of paint and is about as hard as a good axe head. The edges come sharp; however the edges can be sharpened further with an axe sharpener or a diamond whetstone to a razor sharp edge fairly easily.

The optional Cordura Sheath is highly recommended. This shovel comes factory sharp and with a little effort we can get a razor sharp blade.

The handle on the Cold Steel shovel is varnished with hardwood and is secured very well with two screws to the shovel head; there is no play at all. The handle additionally has a nice sturdy feel to it in the hand. The screws are nice because they make it easy to remove the handle to modify it or replace it. The varnished handle is slick in the rain, which is my only complaint. If you want, by sanding off the varnish this can be easily remedied. Also, to improve the grip the handle can be modified by putting some grooves in it. To put back on a lathe to turn both ends of the handle still have the lathe indentations making it easy.

Uses of the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Cold Steel is so very much more than just an ordinary camp shovel I agree. It claims that this shovel can be used as a hatchet, cleaver, axe machete, paddle and hammer. After getting and using this marvellous, multi-use tool you will probably never carry one again if you have ever carried one of the folding entrenching tools that are on the market.

The cold steel shovel can cut through a four inch pine tree in just a few minutes when used as a hatchet. It is additionally great when using it like a machete to clear brush. It clears the dirt, clay, and rocks away with ease when used as a shovel to dig a fire pit or latrine. With your E-Tool try doing all of that.

The Cold Steel Shovel as a Weapon

The Cold Steel Shovel is hard to beat for personal defence. I would probably turn and go the other way if I had to face an adversary personally, that had one of these in his hand. This simple little shovel can be deadly in a practiced hand. Much like a small axe or hatchet does the 1.6 lb weight of the shovel is capable of doing a lot of damage.

It throws easily and when it hits the blade sinks a couple of inches into a tree stump. This is a very formidable weapon. It has both a longer reach of any knife and a more powerful strike.

 Cold Steel Shovel Review – Conclusion:

To protect the cold steel shovel and the rest of your gear, fingers and everything else that may come in contact with the blade I recommend that you buy the Cordura Sheath. The Cold Steel shovel is a great buy best survival shovel that should put a smile on the face on even the most critical gear nut.


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