Cold Steel Hold Out II Pocket Knife Review

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Cold Steel Hold Out II Tri-Ad Lock Pocket Knife Review

Cold Steel Hold Out II Pocket Knife Review

The Cold Steel Hold Out II is one of the most practical blades we have seen yet. Brother to the Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife.

It is 9 inches when deployed. A lot of this is due to the liner-less construction. It has reduced this 4 inch folder to a mere 4.2 ounces in weight, all while staying very solid.

The scales have very little in the way of contouring or extra aesthetic considerations. Needless to say, it’s a very minimal design. And we like it that way.

Cold Steel Hold Out II Pocket Knife – Blade

The blade is 4 inches of CTS-XHP. The grind is a tapered full flat grind. The back of the knife has the deeper, more spaced out jimping.

Like almost all current generation Cold Steel folders, the lock is the TRIAD lock by Andrew Demko.

The edge is ground pretty perfectly. We saw no flaws.

The thumb stud is reversible for left-handed people. Also wanted to mention before moving further. This is the absolute perfect size pocket knife to store in your survival bug out bag if you have one.

Liners are superfluous to requirement and should not be put in modern knives unless you have a good reason.

The Hold Out II features a cut out in the blade to help in positioning your thumb for deployment. It works, and at the end of the day, it’s very consistent.

The clip on the Hold Out II is reversible tip up only. Not an issue for us.

Cold Steel Hold Out II Pocket Knife – Grip

The G-10 is extremely grippy, but Cold Steel also saw fit to add some very abrasive micro jimping on the spot where a guard normally would be. It’s not a 100% safe bet, but as far as execution goes, they really thought the Hold Out II through.

In a saber grip, your pointing finger locks into the cut out reserved for the thumb stud, and the rest of your hand latches onto the scales. It’s a secure grip.  Ergonomics are interesting. The scales taper slightly down, and other than that, you are holding a very neutral handle. The only cut out is for the already mentioned thumb stud, so no matter what sort of fingers or hands you have, this will be comfortable enough for you.

The great thing about neutral grip handles is the flexibility. You can hold the Hold Out II in whatever position you want, and it will have decent ergonomics. Down cuts are wonderful and the full flat ground blade lends itself well to woodwork.

Balance is perfect. A balanced knife is important for extended work, as it makes the knife seem almost weightless when you are actually using it to cut.

Cold Steel Hold Out II Pocket Knife – Conclusion

The Hold Out II is extreme value for your money, with fantastic steel and flawless performance.


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