The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife Review

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Cold Steel Finn Wolf Scandi Outdoor Folding Knife Review

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife Review

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf is a perfect folder at a low price point.  The Cold Steel Finn Wolf is outdoor utility from end to end, which together with the solid construction and design by Andrew Demko at an incredible price means the knife is a sure recommendation from us.

This knife has Griv-EX (which is a branded fiberglass reinforced nylon derivative) handles that are 4.38 inches in length and equivalent to most full-sized knives.

The scales on the Finn Wolf have a nice, refined texture. Note that the ergonomics take care of in-hand retention, not the texture. The Cold Steel Finn’s brother Cold Steel Bushman is also a great knife.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife – Blade

The main advertising piece of the Cold Steel Finn Wolf is the blade. It is 3 mm thick with a total length of 3.5 inches. Very average, nonetheless what makes it stand out is the grind– a Scandinavian grind. This means it has a single bevel, which in theory is supposed to end in a true zero edge. Sadly, whilst the Finn Wolf is advertised as having a zero ground edge, my example did have a slight secondary (relief) edge. I don’t know if it’s because I had one of the first models, but I think it bares mentioning.

This blade is truly wonderful. Cold Steel hit the mark with regards to stock thickness.

It comes in a “folding knife” package, and we think the Finn Wolf comes as close to what we have ever seen be a viable folding outdoor knife.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf has no liners. This is a positive our opinion.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife – Deployment

The deployment method is the characteristic thumb stud. Deployment is smooth and easy with the groove cut out into the scales to guide your thumb.

We’ve never had a single issue with the Finn Wolf.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife – Pocket Clip

The pocket clip is practical with no visual embellishments. You can remove it and have it on the other side of the scales for left handed users.  Personally, as an outdoor tool, we like how easy it is to access, especially with a lanyard attached.

The ergonomics are above average. The groove for the thumb stud works well to lock your pointing finger in.  As far as folders go, we are impressed.

At 3.4 oz, the Cold Steel Finn Wolf is pretty light for a good sized knife. When it comes to balance, the Finn Wolf is very nice in the hand. We wouldn’t say perfect, but it feels very light with no real handle or blade bias, which we believe is only achieved due to the lack of liners.

And now we believe this to be one of the best folding wilderness blades on the market.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf Knife – Conclusion

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf is a fantastic folding knife option for the outdoors man. It’s amazing that it took this long for a solid, inexpensive folding knife to be brought to the market.


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