Cold Steel Bushman Hollow Handle Survival Knife Review

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Cold Steel Bushman Hollow Handle Survival Knife Review

cold steel bushman knife review

The Cold Steel Bushman is an exceptional tool – for the price. The Bushman provides a solid option for $20, with a bunch of features and benefits that are unmatched at this price.

The Bushman is great tool. It’s not a woodworking blade or even a bush craft blade. It is a single piece survival option intended for resilience and flexibility of use.

This is a hollow handle knife, literally a single slab of steel rolled inward to form a handle. It has no joints, seams, or anything that could indicate a weak point.

This knife is decently finished. It has a solid SK-5 high carbon steel blade and handle which has been powder coated nicely. The primary grinds look well defined, and the edge is evenly buffed. We have handled a lot of knives at much higher price points with jagged edges and a poor final edge.

Many debates have been written about between serrated knives vs plain edged knives. Cold Steel has a reputation for putting an excellent edge on their knives, and the Bushman is no exception. We are impressed with this knife.

The Cold Steel Bushman is 2.5 mm thick. This knife can handle rough work. It has a single transition on the edge that is less than 1 inch in height and does not drop to a particularly acute edge. The spine of the knife goes seamlessly into the handle.

Wilderness Must-Have Knife

From a wilderness perspective, the blade is very thick behind the edge. For softwood, it’s perfectly fine and from a toughness perspective, the thick edge certainly helps – the Cold Steel Bushman could truncheon through a steel nail and any damage would be superficial at worst.

One of the top features is the ability to convert the Bushman into a spear. The blade is 7 inches long (the knife itself is 12.25 inches overall) and the conversion into a spear can turn a close range weapon into a distance creator. The Bushman is the sort of blade that can check every box.

After many tests, the edge on the Cold Steel Bushman was still perfect and we moved on to try out its other features.
In addition, the coating is of reasonably high quality. This isn’t a paint job. Unlike paint, it won’t chip off.

Additional Cold Steel Bushman Knife Features

The Bushman comes with a fire steel attached to the sheath.

The ergonomics are basically what you would expect. Hold a broomstick – now imagine it’s made of steel and weighs 10 ounces. Neutral and comfortable.

The sheath – you will be happy to hear that the Secure-Ex sheath is extremely solid. For the price, it covers the sheaths provided on any of our similar blades. It’s durable, functional, and well-designed, with the bonus of having a fire steel.

The belt loop is easy to put on and take off, because of its slide-on option. It might look flimsy, but in practice I found it very tough. The plastic is thick and has plenty of give.

Looking at the sheath, you’d never know this is a $20 knife?

Retention still very solid. The design is well implemented.

Cold Steel Bushman Survival Knife Conclusion

One of the coolest looking knives around for sure. The Cold Steel Bushman screams useful purpose. All business.
The Cold Steel Bushman is an excellent knife. There is really nothing wrong with it. The Bushman can handle anything you can throw at it.

I can think of very few knives I would want as a beater, loaner, or as a truck knife. The Bushman is $20 and comes with a decent sheath and fire steel.


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