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Spyderco UK Penknife Review

Thanks for stopping by to read our Spyderco UK Penknife Review! In 2004, Spyderco took introduced the UK friendly UK Pen Knife for the first time. It was G-10 with a premium blade steel and it fit the Spyderco line up. The main difference being its lack of a lock.  I personally feel that the UKPK is […]

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SOG Flash II Knife Review

Thanks for stopping by to read our SOG Flash II Knife Review! I have had numerous requests to review the SOG Flash II Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife. It is certainly one of the most popular mainstream knives. Below is our review. SOG Flash II Knife – Lightweight Folding Pocket Knife A very usable blade in a minimal package, […]

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Review

If you are a fan then it’s probably you’ve googled the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Review! The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is a survival which also happens to possess the name of a star of a popular survival TV show. Bear Grylls, the Hollywood survival TV show persona from the Discovery network, has teamed up with Gerber […]

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Best Tactical Knife Review – Top 4 Knives

Best Tactical Knife Here, we’re set to locate the best tactical knife available in 2017. Many individuals don’t understand the difference among the regular and tactical knives – regarding quality and development the two aren’t equivalent and are created to hold in any circumstance. They are solid, made to handle particular undertakings and produced using good-quality […]

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What’s The Best Machete? Full Review

Best machetes accessible in 2016 are reviewed in this article. You cannot beat the flexibility of a machete no matter how many tools you already have. The machete can be utilized for many things as it comes in all shapes and sizes. Backyard tool Skinning animals Persona defense Camping tool Brush clearing Chopping small trees And many […]

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Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Guide

If you are a serious survivalist then you must read about the best pocket knife sharpener! In case you’re somebody who appreciates getting out on outdoors outings or journeys, you’ll more than likely hold a Pocket Knife. Pocket knives are truly helpful for open air trips. You can mold yourself stakes to build shelter, cut […]

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