Special Clip Point Buck 119 Hunting Knife Review

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Special Clip Point Buck 119 Hunting Knife Review

Buck 119 Hunting Knife Review

The Buck 119 Special is very much a capable tool.

Personally, we think 6 inches is the perfect length of blade for an outdoor knife.

The blade is hollow ground with no noticeable imperfections.

The Buck 119 Special is stout. The blade is just shy of 3/16 inches thick, which is definitely on the weightier side of things. It’s not a chopper, and it’s not a slicer, but rather, something in between.

Slicing ability is decent, and that being said, the Buck 119 is definitely a viable tool for general woodcraft.

We love the clip point blades.

Slicing performance was largely quite good. Honestly this knife is very versatile with no real downsides in terms of cutting ability.

The hollow ground is lean enough that you can bite into the wood for detail notches very easily.

So, all in all we were pretty happy with the Buck 119.

Now onto the tests people like to see!

Testing the Buck 119 Hunting Knife

The tang on the Buck 119 is a stick tang. We have no concerns over its toughness, especially with a 3/16 inch slab of 420 HC steel behind the edge.

The clip point is ground to an extremely thick, dull edge.

What a pretty sight! Speaking of pretty, Buck used polished aluminium hardware on this beauty and added some super sexy red liners sandwiched in the guard and pommel. It provides contrast and adds a nice visual detail.

The spine of the Buck 119 is squared off. Some people think you need a carbon steel blade to elicit some sparks out of a fire steel, but you really don’t. The Buck 119 Special belted out tons of heat with very little work.

Buck 119 Hunting Knife – Blade

The blade is left with clean machining marks. It contrasts nicely with the polished everything else and gives it a nice industrial/utilitarian look while keeping a classic “Buck” style to it.

Buck went with a very ergonomic handle, lots of curves and palm swells. If you have large hands, this knife will feel good. So we think from a practical standpoint, Buck did well here.

One advantage to having synthetic handles that don’t leave any steel exposed is that in winter cold steel against flesh in subzero temperatures can be quite dangerous. With this knife, no issues.

The bird’s beak on the pommel adds a bit of safety when holding the knife in a saber grip, although truthfully, the handles fill your hand so nicely that we don’t think you even need a guard or protruding pommel. Once in your hands, the Buck 119 isn’t going anywhere.

This is one of the most refined knives we own. We have knives that cost many times what this one did, and this knife is one hell of a bargain, that don’t look anywhere near as expensive. We find ourselvesextremely impressed with Buck’s styling choices with this knife.

Reverse grip is very comfortable, and balance is nearly perfect.

The Look of the Buck 119 Hunting Knife

The Buck 119 has a very nice leather sheath made in the U.S.A. Construction is tight and the sheath is very nicely conceived. It has a plastic inner sleeve to protect the sheath from the edge of the knife.

The sheath’s leather is of a decent thickness with tight stitching and no flaws.

It has a very nicely executed drainage hole. Probably the best out of any leather sheath we have handled.

Retention is perfect by benefit of its design. Certainly a plus in this case to have a guard. Deployment is quick, too.

Belt loop is generous. I don’t see any belt not being able to fit it. Even those 2 inch tactical webbing belts should be okay.

It sits nice and close to the body; no wiggle and easy access.

The Buck 119 is a classic.

Buck 119 Hunting Knife – Conclusion

This is one of the least expensive knives that we think could easily be considered an heirloom item.  Not all knives have to be bleeding edge with ultramodern materials and super steels. This is the perfect rebuttal to the wave of generic “survival” knives.

The Buck 119 is unique, American-made design that has stood, and will continue to withstand, the test of time.


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