Boker Plus Folding Knife Review

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The Boker Plus Vox Rold is one of the best outdoors and survival cuts in its value run, for under $100. The blade offers features that are not obvious when simply browsing through item sites. In spite of the fact that it is unquestionably not the best survival cut I have utilized, for the price, it’s really better than expected, keeping pace with numerous blades that cost much more.

Boker plus folding knife – Description

Boker plus folding knife

The sharp edge is made of 5mm thick D2 steel. That makes it sufficiently hefty to withstand harsh treatment, but then sufficiently thin to be a decent cutter.

Its Danish designer, Jesper Voxnæs, decided on a full flat ground sharp edge when working together with Boker. As per my opinion this was the most ideal decision. Full flat ground sharp edges offer phenomenal cutting execution with better edge solidness contrasted with empty ground edges.

The substantial empty pins are a decent detail. They can without much of a stretch be utilized to lash your blade to a stick keeping in mind the end goal to make a make-move skewer.

The dark G-10 handle scales are molded splendidly with a superb palm swell. Truly fills the hand pleasantly and permits you to put some genuine weight down without gambling problem areas.

The kydex sheath is well thoroughly considered and surprisingly light. At the point when the blade is not in, you essentially feel no weight at your abdomen. The blade maintenance is average yet if you are going to be jumping or running, I would recommend utilizing the loop elastic circle to hold your blade all the more safely.

Boker plus folding knife – Steel

D2 steel is known to be a testing steel to hone. Personally, at home I utilize my belt grinder, however in the field, if I require a touch up; I utilize a fine Diamond DMT honing stone. I utilized some solid double sided tape to append the stone to the back of the sheath, making a discrete, practical addition.

This blade can slash through 2-3 cm thick wooden limbs in a single pass. Obviously you can likewise tear up on the liberal choil to accomplish more exact cuts.

The sharp edge is covered as D2 is not viewed as a genuine stainless steel. Or maybe it is more stain “safe” – it won’t rust effortlessly however alert should still be utilized as a part of particular conditions. In case you’re utilizing it in to a great degree damp climate conditions you might need to clean the edge before re-sheathing it. The same goes for use in sea conditions.

The palm swell of the handle is additionally incredible as it permits you to easily hold back for more use.

Boker plus folding knife – Blade

Surprisingly, cleaving with this blade is agreeable. The bleeding edge is a simple 13.5 cm with an aggregate sharp edge length of 15 cm, and it’s weight is just 300g/10.5oz, which is extremely light, however it chopes like a considerably bigger and heavier blade, basically due to its awesome handle molding and perfect balance (ideal on the grip).

The D2 kept its edge screaming sharp for the duration of the day, without me touching it up with the honing stone. I cut myself (just a little cut, however) by basically assessing the edge and not being sufficiently cautious.

It can baton through a 10 cm distance across log with definitely no issues. Just while batoning did I discover this blade was starting to feel awkward, as the vibrations were really awful. In any case, considering the size and relative gentility of the sharp edge, this is a long way from amazing.

Boker plus folding knife – Conclusion

However as I have stated before, at its cost point, at just under $100 from Amazon, the Boker Plus Rold is one hell of an arrangement.

Beyond any doubt it’s not immaculate, but rather it’s an amazing multi-reason sharp edge that is less expensive than most by far of the blades it is keeping pace with.

It’s a blade made amazingly by a noteworthy maker, with really tight resistances, and moved down by the name of a world famous designer. The steel is magnificent just like the ergonomics.


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