Cold Steel Shovel Review

Thanks for stopping by to read our Cold Steel Shovel Review! Cold Steel Shovel Review My favourite is the Cold Steel Shovel, out of all of the weapons and tools that Cold Steel makes. The best survival shovel available in my opinion is the Cold Steel shovel. For their shovel, Cold Steel got their inspiration from […]

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Survival Food Basics

Thanks for stopping by to read out Survival Food Basics! Having enough survival food to eat is one of the most important factors in any survival situation. I say survival food because without power the stuff in the freezer and refrigerator is going to spoil very quickly. When the power is out and if you […]

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Gerber Off Road Survival Kit

Thanks for stopping by to read out Gerber Off Road Survival Kit! The Gerber Off Road Survival Kit is a compact survival kit put together by Gerber that is designed to fit under the seat of your car. The folding 12″x11″x3″ kit is kept together in a Ballistic nylon case and is kept closed with two […]

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