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Best Tactical Knife

Here, we’re set to locate the best tactical knife available in 2017. Many individuals don’t understand the difference among the regular and tactical knives – regarding quality and development the two aren’t equivalent and are created to hold in any circumstance. They are solid, made to handle particular undertakings and produced using good-quality stainless steel. You can depend on tactical knife even in high-pressure environments.

A tactical knife is designed for numerous purposes such as they are suitable for various tasks and are designed to be a utility tool whereas others are designed for rescue situations or self-defense.

One of the major things to be considered is that the knife will be utilized as an instrument in many circumstances. Instead of searching for the good product for self-defense, people should purchase a knife which can be used every day.

It is not possible to buy a knife suitable in all areas despite the fact that they are created to be flexible. You will require more than one knife which can deal with different purposes. A few people, for instance, have a settled knife for difficult job and smaller knife when smaller size is important.

There are many other elements to consider when purchasing a knife beside from its purpose. To perform various functions, the weight and suitability is affected by the size of the knife. It also includes the handle material, thickness and whether it’s a fixed or folding knife.

The correct knife relies on your own choices because it should feel comfortable while you use and hold the knife. Taking the right decision regarding the products gets little difficult with the variety of factors and the confusing marketing terms used by manufacturers.

One of the main thing is that you believe your knife when you actually require it. Hence, we’ve looked client surveys to locate the best tactical knife accessible (we could discover four great options). Each is dependable and solid, and has been highly approved by the purchasers.

Top 4 – Best Tactical Knives

1. Cold Steel Recon 1 with G-10 Handle

The Cold Steel Recon 1 is a remarkable blade that has got good reviews from purchasers. Components, for example, anti-glare coating, non-slip grip and a lubricated blade imply that it’s one of the highest worth choices available. It’s additionally a sensible size – this knife is made for practicality instead of showing off.

With a 3.5mm thick and four-inch stainless steel knife, the Recon 1 is made up. The sharp edge has a tanto point, which builds the sturdiness of the tip, and the aggregate length is 9-3/8 inches.

Despite the four-inch blade, some folks have reported that the Cold Steel Recon 1 is still relatively large. This makes it great for a variety of tasks – but means it probably isn’t suitable for carrying in everyday situations.

Regardless of the four-inch cutting edge, a few people have announced that the Cold Steel Recon 1 is still moderately huge. This makes it extraordinary for various numbers of tasks meaning it is not suitable to carry in day to day activities.

2. Kershaw 1870OLBLK Knockout

The Kershaw 1870OLBLK is a minimized blade which is intended to be quick to utilize. The SpeedSafe innovation implies you can rapidly unfold the knife when required. It’s worked with a 3.25″ knife, making it easy for every task as well as to carry. It also includes a deep-carry pocket clip anodized and an aluminum handle.

The carry clip is not as durable as other options leads to one of the drawbacks of the 1870OLBLK.

3. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite

The E37SN-CP has a smooth 4.85 inch fixed knife which is long lasting. The knife is straight-edged with a black coating and clip point, so it’s appropriate for any undertaking. The handle is made up of glass-reinforced nylon which makes it long lasting and comfortable. In case you’re searching for a simple knife you can depend on, the E37SN-CP is the best decision.

4. KA-BAR #1213 Black Straight Edge

The KA-Bar #1213 is the best choice when you want a longer knife. It includes seven-inch knife produced using high-quality carbon steel. To keep it handy it accompanies a Kydex sheath. The aggregate length of the item is 11.75 inches.

The guard can dig into the finger when carving wood is one of the drawbacks of #1213. It also makes it uncomfortable use for debarking or cutting wood. For every other survival task, the item performs extremely well.

How to Choose a Tactical Knife


Before you begin searching for a tactical knife, consider what you require it for. Do you require it for particular situations? Or is it that you want it to be a versatile tool? Consider all these as the buying process is affected by every other decision.

For its suitability to a specific situation, a truly tactical knife is considered. For instance, knife required for scuba diving will have different needs to a blade for a SWAT team member. It’s necessary to choose the good option for your desired purpose as few items are designed to be flexible.

Comfort and Balance

A variety of factors such as the design, shape, handle material and weight determine the comfort of a knife. In general you should look for a simple product without deep grooves or fancy designs, everybody has a personal preference. These may look appealing, however can make a knife harder to hold.

Don’t depend on advertising buzzwords or branding to make a decision when buying a tactical knife. It is very important to choose a knife that feels comfortable and adjusted, than one that looks extraordinary but is not functional.

Blade Size

The blade size influences the practicality of a knife in various situations. Professionals know that smaller blades are often more practical, while many first-time buyers pick the biggest blade possible.

There are smaller blades in the market, as short as two inches, but these are more likely to break when used on challenging tasks. For most tasks, a blade that is around four inches long is enough. This length creates a balance between weight and practicality.

Blade Design

The shape of the blade also influences how it works in different situations. Few of the most common options include spear point, clip point, tanto point and drop point.

The best style is a matter of personal preference and dependent on the purpose of the product. Few blades also have a mixture of edges for various tasks. When you need to cut something, having a serrated section on the blade can be extremely useful, especially if you did not have a chance to sharpen the blade.

Blade Type

There are two types of blades: fixed blade and folding blades. As the name states, fixed blades don’t have any moving parts and are held in position. This makes them more dependable and less likely to break. It is the best choice if you need a blade that is strong, reliable and ideal for both tactical and survival situations.

Folding blades are less dependable and usually not recommended for difficult tasks. However, they are more acceptable than fixed blades and easier to carry. Thus, many people have both fixed and folding blade for various situations.

Other Considerations

Handle material: The handle of a tactical knife should be made from strong and durable material. To improve grip most knives have a composite handle with grooved patterns.

Non-reflective: All tactical products ought to have a non-reflective design. This reduces the possibility of the knife being spotted.

Color: Similarly, dull colors are best for tactical products as they don’t stand out.

Legality: Every country and state has different laws about the sort of knives you can carry. Before buying make sure you know exactly which knives are legal in your country.

Best Tactical Knife – Conclusion

A tactical knife is an essential tool in different situations. If you need a blade that you can rely on, tactical knives are lasting, solid and designed to be suitable for almost any task.

The most essential consideration when purchasing a tactical knife is the purpose you need it for. This influences the best size, shape and components. Thus before you buy, make sure you know exactly what you require from a knife. Other considerations include the handle material, point type and comfort.

Our top rated product is the Cold Steel Recon 1 including G-10 Handle. Knife is built with ultra-strong stainless steel, which is sleek and attractive. The four-inch blade is perfect for most tasks, and the product has received outstanding reviews from buyers. For extra convenience, it also has anti resistant coating, a non-slip handle and pocket clip.


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