How To Find The Best Pocket Knife Brands

It is a challenging task to find the best pocket knife brands when you do not know where to begin with. Knowing that you are dealing with the known brand for buying quality products helps you before you decide your pocket knife purchase (or tactical knife purchase). Rather than purchasing blindly, shop by considering the brand is much easier.

Finding out which pocket knife brands are good begins by considering the fact of what makes one awesome and also by knowing the qualities that we need when it said that one brand is superior to another.

They have the following:

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Reputation for quality
  • Trust
  • Longevity

There are some awesome brands yet what makes few chosen one “incredible”? We need to listen to what reviewers need to say in regards to the organization since it would not be an exact appraisal just to consider by one customers experience. Picking the best brands is the initial phase in picking a top rated blade. Fact implies that every brand should get a chance but it’s not every knife which is worth the chance like the pocket knife brand.

Buyer’s Guide


Something which is earned by the brand through the customers is the trust. Basic approach in meeting customer requirement and reacting when there is a complaint by the customer.


The best quality products which are held in a great respect by most of the customers are produced by a reliable brand.

Reputation for Quality

Something important which a brand earns is the reputation. “Word of mouth” is one the best measure through which the reputation will be built on. Therefore, fulfilled consumers indicate a highly built reputation.


You need an organization that has been doing business for an average measure of time during which they have strongly built up the reputation for reliability, quality and even the trust. Obviously, we won’t markdown another organization in our list but would want to know the past of a new brand as well.

Top 3 Brands – Reviewed

1. Spyderco Pocket Knives

Company Overview:

  • Company was founded in 1976
  • The company offers a full range of models
  • The founder was inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame

What we love:

Spyderco produces a full range of reliable products:

  • Delica 4
  • Endura 4
  • Tenacious G-10
  • Resilience G-10
  • Persistence G-10
  • Ambitious G-10

This is a solid brand that produces excellent knives of all sizes and sorts.

2. Victorinox

Company Overview:

  • Oldest company in the business
  • Quality products
  • Lots of brand trust

What others have to say:

Victorinox started creating The “Swiss Army Pocket Knife” in 1945 to rave analysis and was established in 1884. It has been more than 60 years and it is everyone’s favorite till date.

What we love:

Simply the shear continuous history the organization says a lot. This has been the go to mark for eras. Among the hundreds of items, this brand stands as a head in the business.

3. Kershaw Knives

Company Overview:

  • Originated in Oregon in 1974.
  • Much collaboration with world well known blade designers.
  • High-quality products are utilized by military units and police forces around the world.

What others have to say:

Sufficient range of knives are offered.

What we love:

Speed safe opening system has been acquired by Kershaw on some of the products. Good amount of tactical knives are being produced.


The brand Spyderco is the best when compared to all the three which are good as well. Details of the product are mainly considered. They additionally have made a special effort to exchange pocket knives which have been destroyed by the client. They eventually improve for the clients which prove that this is the best one.


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