The Ultimate Guide – Best Fixed Blade Knives

The best fixed blade knives accessible in 2016 are reviewed in this article. There are times when the best choice is a fixed blade. You can’t beat it for survival purposes. There are things which you just can’t do with different knives but can do with a top rated fixed blade knife (or a tactical blade). There is a full litany of survival advantages you can do with a nice fixed blade knife:

  • Skin dinner
  • Cut lines, ropes and whatever else
  • Open cans
  • Create a shelter
  • Split wood for a campfire

The list just continues endlessly. There are many advantages when you own the one. Actually, in the event that you need to pick one kind of knife for your survival pack then this is the best one to pick.

Comparison Chart

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Our Rating

Morakniv Companion 4.1-Inch



Buck Knives 0119 Special w/Leather Sheath



Gerber LMF II (our top pick)



MTech USA MT-20-30 Series



Gerber Warrant – Serrated Edge



Elk Ridge ER-052 Straight Edge Blade



Survivor HK-1035 , Double-Edge Blades



KA-BAR BK-22 w/HD Polyester Sheath



ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge



Buying Considerations

Type of Steel

How well a knife will works depend upon the kind of steel. A few manufactures allot the creation of their items and escape with utilizing 400 arrangement steel. Knives made of this lightweight steel sharp out effortlessly, however they don’t hold the edge and can without much of a stretch snap when you are utilizing them. We chose that any knives (regardless of how good they look) produced using 400 series steel was a no go.

Single Edge

Twofold edged knives get a good response however as indicated by those up to date they are not the best decision. You will utilize it as an instrument, and a twofold edge blade will make those nearby tasks difficult to handle. You need to be a solitary edge for best adaptable utilize and need to have the blade to have a gut on it. We concluded that we would preclude the twofold blade by our research.

Full Tang Construction

In the event that you need to have the capacity to fry, chop and slice you need it to last then, there is no deviation to the full tang rule. Power is got through the full tang and only full tang construction products are taken into consideration.

Comfort is Key

Knives with an awesome handle where also considered and it is easy to use through the well-balanced handle. The great thing what can happen is the knife having a sturdy handle which makes light work or the entire task.


If you are in confusion whether to dive in and make the buy then relax as you are not the only one. There are many people that simply have a misguided judgment about them (thank you Rambo). You don’t need to have the longing to filet somebody from head to toe or behead them to know the importance.

Many people end up assuming that that this kind of blade would “act as a burden” since it is bigger or heavier than say a foldable model. While it is likely bigger and heavier, it can in any case be sufficiently minimized to stow away in your gear. The bigger, heavier size implies that it is stronger and more realizable!

Systems can stop working in between when you’re utilizing the knife, and the knife can snap stop or more awful yet snap. Once the sharp edge has snapped off, there is little you can do to repair it and in the event that you are out in the forested areas you will be left holding the bag (or the broken one).

A fixed blade knife is not going anyplace; you will have the grip you require and the force of the blade.

Top 3 – Fixed Blade Knives 2016

1. ESEE’s 6P-B


  • 11 and ¾ inches long
  • Micarta handle with thumb grip and lanyard hole
  • Molded sheath with belt clip
  • Fully removable handle
  • 1095 carbon steel
  • Drop point with belly blade

What others have to say:

The handle refers to bomb proof. You can without much of a stretch evacuate the handle if you need to utilize the blade at the end of a spear fishing.

What we love

It is an awesome all around instrument and an adorable development. The Micarta handle is shockproof and can withstand a bomb. Indeed, even the formed sheath is of top quality. It is the ideal shape and size for each assignment you may receive.

2. Ka-Bar Becker 22 Companion


  • Full tang
  • Cro-van steel
  • Zytel Handle
  • Removable handle with lanyard hole

What we love:

We cherish the touch of the blade as it is rough. As the blade is developed out of hard steel it implies that you can do everything with it (and not fear it breaking). The handle as well as the blade is effectively long-lasting. Obviously, it is a single edge blade. The thickness of the blade is just perfect indicating that it is sufficiently thick to chop and even to filet a fish.

3. Gerber LMFII (Black)


  • Full tang
  • Sheath with built in sharpener
  • 10-inch blade of stainless steel
  • Handle is glass reinforced nylon

What we love:

We adore that even after being tested by the military under extraordinary conditions it has come out as a clear champion. We like the handle since it is nice to cling on as well as the blade which is durable.

It is an appreciable survival knife as after being tested by the military it has done stuffs like puncturing the fuselage on a plane and breaks the chopper’s windshield.


The ESSE’s 6BP made is our top of the line list for the development, and general consumer satisfaction.

It would be an awesome purchase for anybody that is in the market for a fixed blade. On the off chance that you need to be set up for anything, this is the blade that can do it for you.


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