The 3 Best CRKT Knives – Survivalist Review

We know the importance of owning a quality pocket knife and here are the three Best CRKT Knives! Definitely everybody, at some time, has been given a pocket knife. Either by a father, a granddad or in return for hard coin by the person working behind the glass counters in the corner store when you were twelve.

They are all unique minutes in their own specific manner and transitional experiences, particularly for twelve-year-old young men.

A pocket knife resembles a decent match of boots. You can take them all over the place. Also, today’s folding knives are as attractive and all around planned as they are cutting edge and helpful. You likewise don’t need to go into the forested areas whittling a spoon around an open air fire each other end of the week to claim a folding knife. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you do go outdoors, individuals are defensive about their apparatuses so it’s imperative to have your own. The exact opposite thing they need to hear is, ‘Umm, would I be able to obtain your blade for a moment?’ I have heard this question asked a couple times, trailed by some clever answers (most not repeatable here). One of the best was a basic “No.” Sometimes you can state the most with only a solitary word.

Which Pocket knife is best for me?

There is a colossal cluster of pocket knives out there and they run from dollar store standard to costs you may not accept. They likewise shift in style, from a straightforward cutting edge to a Swiss Army cut with a bigger number of extravagant accessories than Rio amid Carnival.

At the point when looking for a pocket knife, it’s best to search for a name mark with a decent notoriety. For a regular convey cut, I think a solitary sharp edge collapsing blade is the best alternative with minimal possibility of anything turning out badly. So on account of that, let’s look at CRKT, one of the best alternatives accessible to you today.

CRKT – The Columbia River Knife and Tool Company

The Columbia River Knife and Tool Company (CRKT) is the brainchild of two folks (Paul Gillespie and Rod Bremer) from Kershaw Knives with a straightforward mindset. Without a doubt, the name of their first blade that was presented at the Shot Show was called K.I.S.S. (Keep it Super Simple). After this leap forward they went ahead to make blades for a portion of the greatest names in the business. CRKT are currently based out of Oregon and their lineup is second to none. You could scarcely turn out badly with any of them however how about we take a gander at some of our top picks to help you choose.

Drifter 6450K G10

This is an extraordinary ordinary utility blade that won’t make you extremely upset or your bank adjust on the off chance that you need to supplant it. The CRKT Drifter 6450K G10 is the workhorse of the CRKT go, and surely no less famous for it.

This is an extreme blade with stainless steel liners that make it perfect for overwhelming, consistent utilize. This is your ‘steel toecap boots’ folding knife, not your ‘Italian loafers.’ They are damn glad for it and as it should be.

K415KXP Ken Onion Ripple

What’s more, now to something totally extraordinary. The CRKT K415KXP Ken Onion Ripple is as saucy as an immediate hit on a Heinz manufacturing plant. Ken Onion is well known for the quick noteworthy Blur, yet this blade is about stealth and enticement.

This blade is ninja calm and James Bond smooth from the satin finish to the aluminum sharp edge that will dispense with oxidation and any stickiness. The utilization of 2Cr13 liners on the cutting edge and the Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS) likewise demonstrate this blade is not just about style, there is impressive substance as well.


CKRT are notable for doing things a little in an unexpected way, so it’s well worth observing the CRKT Fossil 3.96″ BLK/STS VEFF SERR. While it looks somewhat weird and you will probably be requested that hand it over by inquisitive spectators, there is a purpose for every outline include.

The balance at the base of the sharp edge shapes a magnificent finger defender and the pounded scales on the handle give brilliant footing to a super firm hold. The bolt is solid; the serrations can add somewhat more nibble to your cut and the metal roller IKBS implies it opens as quickly as your five-year-olds displays on Christmas morning.


The folks at CKRT truly realize what they are doing and on the off chance that you consolidate every one of their coordinated efforts they most likely have more involvement here of blade making than whatever other brand. Their items are organized, well thoroughly considered and with a level of plan that puts some other folding knives to disgrace. Essentially, any of these blades are worth purchasing and keeping for quite a long time to come.


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