How to Find The Best Bowie Knife In 2016?

You may perceive a Bowie Knife from one of modern silver screens most noteworthy scenes in which Crocodile Dundee cases, ‘That is not a blade.’ Only to shake his own Bowie blade and shout, ‘THAT’S a blade.’

Best Bowie Knife Review

Bowie blades are not everybody’s decision of self-defense weapon, but rather they do make for splendid chasing blades. Frequently described as an expansive sheath cut, Bowie blades have an extensive and lovely sharp edge, complimented by a rich and agreeable handle. Dundee would unquestionably concur.

They likewise look great, making Bowie cuts a most loved with gatherers. Be that as it may, inconveniences emerge because of the soaked market of Bowie blades, with numerous modest models being produced using low quality materials.

This article will isolate the quality, real chasing blades from the shoddy thump offs. It will likewise give some profitable gatherer’s things so you don’t need to swim through the soil of flop items, or even find you’ve gotten one of the thump offs.


At the point when purchasing a Bowie cut, there are numerous consideration to think about. You have to consider the materials, cutting edge estimate, sharp edge length and tang. These elements will help you to contract down the extent of the market.

The conventional material of a Bowie cut, imagined by James Bowie in the nineteenth Century for self-defense, was carbon steel. This was principally because of the simplicity of keeping up a sharp cutting edge. At the point when stainless steel combinations propelled, cut skilled workers discovered other material that could coordinate or even outperform carbon steel even surpass carbon steel were introduced to the manufacturing of Bowie knives. A buyer of the customary model will lean toward carbon steel, yet seekers may incline toward a more grounded cutting edge produced using stainless steel composites.

Sharp edge size should to be chosen by the expected utilization of the Bowie cut. A substantial sharp edge will offer quality and power, while a littler one is more exact in its execution. A substantial cutting edge would be valuable for trekkers and seekers who are filtering through greenery, much like utilizing a cleaver. A littler cutting edge would be helpful for cleaning meat. Sharp edge size ought to be considered close by edge material, as a long cutting edge to be utilized for hacking ought to likewise be made with a more grounded material.

Initially 9.5 inches was the length of the sharp edge. Longer cutting edges are a trademark of the Bowie cut, as showed by Mr. Dundee. These days, producers of Bowie blades will offer differing lengths to fulfill the market, in spite of the fact that they are from time to time shorter than 5 inches. Bowie blades are utilized principally for undertakings too enormous for folding knives, which is the reason length, is a key component. The sharp edge length is likewise why they have turned into an attractive authority’s thing.

The tang, which associates the shank of the sharp edge to the handle, is a key territory of center for any buyer of a Bowie cut. Since a Bowie blade is heavy, it needs a solid handle to keep the cutting edge from breaking. This is for useful purposes just; the tang is not as imperative for show purposes; however a purchaser may basically incline toward a solid handle for its real appearance.

Different consideration is more subjective. For the most part, you ought to ensure that the handle is agreeable in your grasp. An ineffectively made handle will prompt to pain and potential rankles. On the off chance that you expect to utilize the Bowie cut much of the time, it’s essential that it breathes a sigh of relief in your grasp. Weight is another element to consider. All Bowie blades ought to be very substantial when contrasted with different sorts of blades, yet you ought to guarantee that it is a comfortable weight for you also.

As a gatherer, you ought to consider what you are searching for. Bowie blades have a long convention about their appearance. For a authentic looking Bowie cut, it ought to have a long cutting edge, a solid handle and a rich wooden handle

Benefits of Owning a Bowie Knife


As a battling blade, the Bowie blade is a standout amongst the most scaring you can have on the market. Wielding a Bowie cut in self-defense will more than likely frighten your aggressor away, so you won’t have to get your sharp edge grimy. The tip or a Bowie blade will infiltrate attire, skin or shroud like a hot blade through butter, so as self-defense, they are extremely compelling.


As a chasing blade, a large number of the benefits of a Bowie blade are the same as those for self-defense. The sharpness of the cutting edge makes skinning simple. You may likewise end up in a circumstance when you have to battle to spare your life while out chasing, a Bowie blade will truly encourage on the off chance that it results in these present circumstances.


As authority’s things, an uncommon or old-fashioned Bowie blade may be a genuine credit to you. Finding a true blue antique may mean you have a blade worth a few many dollars in your accumulation. Bowie blades are truly excellent, and will fit into any weapon gatherers show.

Top 5 Rated Products

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

The Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie blade is a truly lovely blade. The almost 12 inch cutting edge is produced using sharp and solid stainless steel that will slice through pretty much anything effortlessly. An exquisite metal plated monitor secures the exemplary dim hardwood handle. It has a customary solid handle cutting edge, making it a solid blade, perfect for chasing. It likewise accompanies a lovely honest to goodness genuine leather sheath for storage.

Clients adored the tremendousness of this blade. It is a gigantic blade, not one to be covered truly. The cutting edge, they said, is to a great degree tough and sharp, making it ideal for seekers. The main successive objection was coordinated at the sheath, which they said was produced using shabby leather, and without a thong to hold it to your leg or belt. In any case, the blade itself is amazing and comes at an extremely sensible cost.

Forseti Steel Damascus Bowie Knife

The Forseti Steel Damascus Bowie blade is a genuine gatherer’s thing. The huge cutting edge has a lovely example crosswise over it, making an attractive stylish quality that gatherers will appreciate. The bundling is a wonderful quality high quality wooden box, which makes for a decent show case for the blade. The cutting edge is 5 inches long, with a 4mm thickness, and it sits over a 4.75 inch handle produced using 264 layers of cloth micarta. The sharp edge is produced using solid Damascus steel, with a Damascus twist design, and includes a hand sewed full grain leather sheath that has a waist band.

Clients truly accept this one. They cherished the stylish outline of the sharp edge, which makes it a genuine piece for the accumulation. It’s less a functional chasing blade, and it doesn’t generally claim to be such. The one grievance against this blade was the absence of a handle monitor, which some felt conflicted with the custom of the Bowie cut. Otherwise, a real feather in the cap for any genuine authority.

Yes4All Bowie Hunting Knife

This current one’s for the seekers who require a down to earth cut for the dirty task. The Yes4All has an extremely sharp stainless steel edge, which is decent and tough for hacking, cutting and cleaning alike. The handle is ABS and exceptionally happy with, which means you won’t get sore after amplified utilize. It is made for overwhelming obligation use in chasing and survival. The massive 6.25 inch cutting edge will guarantee increasingly that sufficient hacking is accomplished. It likewise has serrated saw teeth on the turnaround of the cutting edge for extra use on thicker, denser materials, for example, bone. The blade comes in two shaded assortments: exemplary dark or disguised for the survivalists.

Clients adored this blade for the solid stainless steel sharp edge, asserting it to be one of the best they had acquired. The sharp edge likewise has a decent brushed get done with, adding to the stylish. The main protestation we found was that the end top, which holds the grasp to the handle, seems, by all accounts, to be shoddy material. In any case, that was the main grievance made, and it’s a minor one. Totally, it is a great blade at an awesome cost.

Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife

Gerber are an exceptionally all around trusted brand in the blade division. They have a long running convention of delivering a portion of the best quality blades, and the Winchester Large Bowie blade is no special case to that. It involves the rough and solid plan that all Gerber items have. This makes them solid blades with the attractive character of Gerber items. It’s an adaptable blade that can be utilized as a part of military, chasing, survival, strategic, open air and mechanical circumstances. It has a solid 8.75 inch stainless steel cutting edge that sits on an excellent hardwood handle.

Clients truly preferred the quality of the cutting edge. Many guaranteed to have purchased different blades in the past mind cutting edges that essentially did not coordinate up to the quality of this one. The main dissension about this blade was the handle was not extremely ergonomic. Nonetheless, many claimed that they loved the handle since it conveyed character to the general outline of the blade.

Elite Survival Bowie Knife

This is a blade for the genuine outside sorts. As an aggregate perfectionist of the survivalist mentality, you’ll appreciate leaving home with only one thing and that is this blade. It’s a gigantic 12-inch Bowie. The cutting edge alone is 7.5 creeps of stainless steel that will slice through anything. It has a cool dark matte wrap up, a magnificent stylish that James Bond would endorse of. It incorporates an ABS sheath with a strap that stretch to the leg pleasantly to keep your hands free. The invert of the edge has a serrated edge to be utilized for harder occupations, such as hacking at branches for safe house or kindling.

Clients were truly inspired by the performativity of this blade. They additionally truly enjoyed the sheath, which can be an uncommon thing in chasing blades; sheaths are frequently one of the real protests we find from clients, however this one is phenomenal. A few clients asserted that the blade got to be distinctly dull rather rapidly. Be that as it may, others mentioned that it was so natural to take the dull edge back to full sharpness. This is an objection that most will have about all brands of blades, thus it is basically some portion of owning and utilizing a blade all the time.


There are many advantages to owning a Bowie cut, whether utilizing it for strategic, chasing and general outside purposes, or just gathering a delightful bit of craftsmanship.

Bowie blades make for phenomenal self-protection. You might never need to really utilize it in light of the fact that once you’ve waved the long cutting edge, your aggressors will without a doubt run frightened. For chasing, the sharp and long cutting edges make for a flawless blade to cut, hack and skin bodies in the wild. In survivalist circumstances, a solid edge like that of a Bowie is to a great degree helpful for chasing and cutting trees for shelter or firewood.

At the point when making the buy, recollect what your considerations are. Cutting edge size and length ought to be considered in congruity together. A long cutting edge being utilized for survival purposes will require solid stainless steel. For an authority, it’s about the story behind the sharp edge and the stylish qualities. Continuously consider the handle too. For chasing or regular utilize, you’ll need an ergonomic handle that sits easily in your grasp, else you risk a throbbing painfulness that will impact your exercises.

The best Bowie cut we found for seekers and general handy clients is certainly the Timber Rattler. The monster cutting edge is amazingly solid and won’t give you down when you need it the most. It takes all of the characteristics of conventional Bowie blades, while at the same time going up against the current advancements to suit the present day client.

For gatherers, the Forseti is the best out there. The excellent stylish qualities make it somewhat of an irregularity that won’t be coordinated. The presentation is likewise something to be appreciated; the hand created wooden box bends over as a decent show case, which others can’t generally claim to offer. It has a conventional look about it, while likewise having some more cutting edge elements, for example, the Damascus turn design on the edge.


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