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Hot Survival Products knows the importance of survival so here is the very best Boot Knives Review!

A boot knife is a valuable tool having a numerous qualities which can be utilized as a covered weapon for self-defense. Thus helpful for hunters and additionally useful in detached places when out on long outdoor trips as it can be effortlessly carried.


Usually a boot knife has a double edged cutting blade which is similar to a knife, thus making it simple to utilize. Both blades are hunting blades, which is exactly what a hunter needs. They are frequently used to slaughter injured animals or to skin a carcass. Thus making it reliable in high intensity circumstances. Additionally they are utilized for field dressing, which implies they need to have a solid, sharp edge.

You could experience some genuine inconvenience with a dud knife. The issue is that there is an immersed market of boot blades and there are numerous flawed items out there. On the off chance that you experience a circumstance where you need to utilize a boot cut, you should be able to depend on it.

The aim of this article is to analyze on some of the best boot knives available in the market. Thus making it easier to settle on the right choice when purchasing.

Buying a Boot Knife

You have to consider various components when making the purchase of a boot knife. Firstly, you need to know what you are getting it for. Is it self-defense, hunting or general camping purpose? Secondly, what amount would you like to spend? In case if you are utilizing it for hunting, you will require a really sharp, solid blade, which will cost more. And for light camping trips, you don’t require as a high quality blade, and can afford to ignore some features.

It can literally be a matter of life and death when you are purchasing it for self-defense. Which is why a quality sheath is essential that is easily accessible. Ideally you don’t need to actually use it, yet waving it will undoubtedly protect you. Thus a sheath that takes into account for quick access is necessary.

Boot Knife Design

A key factor for anybody utilizing a boot knife is conceal ability. Which means it is difficult to hide as it has a blade of around 3 to 4 inches. It is sufficiently long enough to penetrate body and reach vital organs. It is ideal to have a well concealed weapon and helps to limit what your attacker or opponent knows.

Sharp edge configuration is another zone of note. Most boot blades have a double edge with a spear point, as mentioned earlier. Whereas other designs will offer a single edged blade with a clip point. Both outlines function admirably to slash and puncturing, yet the double edged blade is planned fundamentally to stab, and the single edged blade is intended for slicing.

The tang, where edge meets handle is the weakest part of the blade. The development of the tang is very important. You ought to understand the distinctive tang outlines; solid handles and concealed tangs are best for boot knives. In order to make toughest kind of tang, a full tang should extend nearly the full length of the handle, as well as full width. An unseen tang is smaller and fragile and is not the full width of the handle. However, the handle can slide over the tang and be attached using pins.

Blade steel is additionally significant as boot knives are intended for attack. The blade should be able to withstand lateral forces that could fracture the blade. One of the materials that can hold an edge is stainless steel, yet it is not extremely strong. Carbon steel is the converse, it holds edge ineffectively yet is much more firm. So while considering blade steel, compromise is the best option. High carbon instrument steel is a decent steel to settle on.

The handle outline and material are critical as well. You require something that fits serenely in your grasp with the goal that you have an ideal hold. You require a solid tang, and the handle ought to have a quality ergonomic plan with a grasp to enable control over the edge and the tip of the sharp edge. Boot knives with full tangs or unseen tangs are the best for their quality. Handle material ought to be solid and slip free. Some great materials are linen Micarta, canvas Micarta, G10, Zytel, Hypalon, and Krayton.

Benefits of Having a Boot Knife

Boot knives are incredible devices to have. They give extraordinary security from likely aggressors, in a busy city. Knowing you have a weapon covered at your lower leg when strolling home late during the evening is relieving. Than taking a weapon for security boot knives are additionally more self-contained. What’s more, they are less unsafe to have in the house. A boot knife is a more secure option for defense with such a large number of gun related mishaps happening in the local circle crosswise over America.

For somebody in the police force, boot knives are a helpful form of defense. On the off chance that a weapon disappears from your grasp, having a boot blade is the following best choice you could seek for.

They are helpful to have kept in an unexpected place until required as a hunter. You are as of now handling a considerable measure of hardware as you track your prey, so once you’ve gotten it, it’s great to know your blade is tucked into your boot so you can bone or skin straight away, without going through your belongings.

Top 5 Rated Products

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B

Smith and Wesson are ordinarily commended for their quality guns, however they similarly produce quality blades. The Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife is quality tried for greatest durability. It has a covered 440c stainless steel and a double edged spear point blade with an aluminum handle, making it an extremely solid blade. It weighs only 7.7 ounces and accompanies a leather sheath and pocket clip.

The solid handle makes this a considerably stronger blade, appropriate for the toughest users around. It’s a blade utilized and trusted by numerous civilians as a method for self-protection. The dark covering implies it is more cautious than other blades utilized for self-defense. Additionally is that Smith and Wesson give a lifetime warranty on this blade. The main negative remarks were that it was a stainless steel blade, rather than stainless steel carbon blade.

MTech USA MX-8059

The MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife is a truly extraordinary boot knife. The sharp edge is two-conditioned, with a half-serrated blade that will truly do some harm. The edge is produced using 440c stainless steel, which contains carbon to make for a truly durable blade that won’t break. The whole blade measures an enormous 9 inches. The G10 handle offers a decent hold even in wet conditions.

The solid handle upgrades the quality of the blade too. It additionally has a lanyard clip for optional attachment. It accompanies a wonderful leather sheath for safe and simple supporting. Customers adored the quality at the cost of this blade, however commented on it rusting in salt water. To a great extent this is a quality blade, yet a couple of customers were disappointed with the item.

The Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent Fixed Blade Boot Knife is downgraded however splendid boot knife. The fixed blade is produced using steel with a black oxide covering, making it a solid blade. The handle has a rubber covering to offer greatest grasp in wet conditions, and has a lanyard hole for optional holding. The blade measures 4.4 inches, with the blade’s general measurement reaching 8.7 inches. It weighs only 3 ounces, which means you won’t see it on your individual, and making it light in your hold. It accompanies an exquisite leather formed dual-carry sheath.

Clients adored this blade for its sturdiness and simple camouflage. The main issue that emerged was the absence of a strap to fasten it to the lower leg. By and large, it’s an incredible blade at a decent cost.

Zomb-War Black Boot Hunting

The Zomb-War boot blade is a standout amongst the most trusted boot knives around. Its cutting edge measures 3.75 inches, with the general estimation achieving 7.75 inches. The handle is elastic and punctured, giving you ideal hold and control, even in the most exceedingly awful of conditions. This is a truly attractive quality in boot blades, as a slippery blade is practically useless, and can be very hazardous. It accompanies a hard plastic sheath for the boot, making it effectively concealable. It has a sharp, stainless steel carbon cutting edge that just won’t deteriorate.

Customers commended the quality of this item and couldn’t believe the cost of it. Many asserted it to be the best type of hidden protection they had found. In any case, one complaint asserted the sheath was not great for the boot, but rather included that it sat well on the belt.

Smith & Wesson SWHRT3 HRT

Smith and Wesson are back on the list with yet another quality item. The SWHRT3 HRT Military Boot Knife has a stainless steel blade that measures 3.5 inches, a perfect length for achieving vitals. The double edged spear point blade is incredibly sharp and tough. The cutting edge sits on a full tang, rubber handle, making for an extremely strong blade in fact.

This knife additionally accompanies a leather boot sheath to guarantee it sits securely and comfortably covered at your lower leg. Customers guaranteed it to be a strong knife, with a decent adjust in the hand. One remarked that the edge is fine and that, thus, they were hesitant to toss it for fear of shattering. But generally speaking, customers adored the nature of this knife.

Gerber 05803 Guardian

Gerber have manufactured quality blades throughout recent years, and they’re a standout amongst the most trusted makers out there. The 05803 Guardian Back-Up Knife is a perfect alternative form of protection. It is a tough and dependable knife, suited for military use, hunting, survival, self-defense, strategic and a wide range of high force circumstances. All items from Gerber are field tried, implying that you know you’re getting a really dependable item.

This award winning blade is smooth and comfortable in the hand. It has a licensed sheath that permits the user to alter the perfect measure of weight to remove or insert the blade. It’s light, weighing only a pound. What’s more, the sharp edge itself measures 3.4 inches, a perfect length for a boot cut. Customers loved the nature of this blade; the size and weight were two characteristics that emerged for them. Some found the adjustable sheath somewhat hard to use at first, yet the blade was a source of genuine satisfaction for all.


As should be obvious, there are many advantages to owning a quality boot knife. As a type of defense, they are dependable and inconspicuous, so you don’t need to show off your weapon as you go about your daily business. They make for an extremely helpful tool for hunters who don’t have the space to carry yet another piece of equipment. It’s nice to know you have an important instrument tucked into your boot, prepared to utilize when you require it.

As noted, there are various considerations that you ought to consider before making your buy. Knife and blade size are essential qualities. You need to consider what you would utilize it for. For defense, it is good to have a smaller, effortlessly hid knife. Hunting may require a slightly bigger blade.

The Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife is the highest rated knife on this compact list of value boot knives. The full tang, consolidated with a solid stainless steel sharp edge and aluminum handle make it a dependable and reliable tool for hunter and regular civilian alike. The double edged blade makes for an efficient incision and an easier job for cleaning and boning for hunters. As a trusted brand who have secured Americans for quite a long time, it is anything but difficult to prescribe the Smith and Wesson boot knife.


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