550 FireCord Review – Fire At Your Fingertips

Here is our full 550 FireCord Review!

550 FireCord , which was made by the creators of Live Fire, is endorsing this new multi-functional paracord & fire starter.

550 FireCord Review – The Product

550 firecord review

When just glancing at this product, the 550 FireCord probably just looks like a normal strand of paracord, which is a popular cordage used in lanyards, keychains, zipper pulls, and emergency lashing. However, upon looking closer you will discover that inside the FireCord is actually an inner strand that lights up and acts as a fire starter.

How well does it work?

During my research, the 550 FireCord did very well as a parachute cord. In fact, if you gave this cord to a paracord expert they probably couldn’t tell the difference from every other product like it on the market. It functions and handles just like normal 550 paracord, which I would have to say is a good thing.

Then, there is the distinctive feature of being able to aid in starting a fire. I most likely don’t need to state the importance of having fire when needed. I will state however that the 550 FireCord does its job and does it well.

Basically, just unravel the paracord to expose the inner core strand. Then, remove the strand and fluff it up to uncover the inner fibers.

At this point, you can easily throw sparks from your fire starter, ignite it with a match, or any other method you would use to get fire. This strand will effortlessly catch fire and keep the flame going for plenty long enough to assist you in getting your wood shavings underway.

550 FireCord – Easy To Use?

550 firecord reviewsFireCord is very easy to work with. If you are thinking that this product could potentially be dangerous and possibly catch fire by merely leaving it near a combustible source – that just isn’t the case.

This is due to the fact that you actually need to expose the inner strand to get the accelerant going.

The outer stands of cord will burn exactly like a traditional paracord. However, unless the inner strand is separated, it will simply burn like traditional paracord.

So my answer would be that this product is safe, simple to use, and handy.

I am a fan of any product that is unique and provides and additional benefit. I mean, why would you purchase and lug around four different tools when one product can do it all? And, in addition, it’s waterproof!

550 FireCord – How strong is it?

I have no genuine way to test the strength of this product. The company states that it can achieve 550 lbs. of pulling force. I have no reason to believe that FireCord is misrepresenting this.

550 FireCord – Pricepoint?

At approximately 45 to 49 cents per foot, the 550 Firecord isn’t cheap. In order to get the 45 cent price, you are required to buy 1000 feet, or you can spend the higher price requiring just a 25 foot purchase. Not too bad actually.

So what is the value?

At three times the price of the top of the line paracord, 550 Firecord  might make some pause when purchasing, but they shouldn’t. You can’t get the uniqueness of this product with the others.

With the 550 FireCord, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the fire starting aid if ever needed in emergency.


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